What Nutrition Databases Are Available In Foodzilla?

Foodzilla uses trusted nutrition databases from the following authorities: New Zealand Health Ministry, Public Health England and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand. These databases provide access to thousands of ingredients and foods.

Foodzilla also provides access to nutrition from wholefoods suppliers such as GoodFor Wholefoods with more suppliers coming soon.

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Our predictive search displays results as you're typing which makes it easy and quick to find the ingredient you're looking for. You can then analyse the nutrition data for the ingredient or start using it to create a new recipe.

What If An Ingredient or Food Is Not Available?

With Foodzilla, you can also create your own foods and ingredeints in our own database within our system. Only you and your clients can access your custom database.

This is useful when you have clients with special nutrition needs that require ingredients or foods not commonly available within the official food composition databases.

team recipes feature

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