What Nutrition Databases Are Available In Foodzilla?

At the heart of Foodzilla's powerful meal planning and nutrition calculation capabilities lies its extensive nutrition database. We've meticulously curated data from reputable sources including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, New Zealand Health Ministry, Public Health England, and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand. This formidable lineup ensures that you have unfettered access to an extensive array of ingredients and foods, enabling you to create nutritionally optimized meal plans with confidence.

But that's not all – Foodzilla takes your nutrition journey to another level by incorporating data from esteemed wholefood suppliers. We're proud to collaborate with esteemed suppliers such as GoodFor Wholefoods, Optifast, and The Source Bulk Foods . And hold on tight, because more collaborations with renowned suppliers are on the horizon!

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Effortless Exploration with Predictive Search

Our innovative team has engineered a predictive search functionality that streamlines your experience. As you begin typing, results seamlessly unfold, enabling you to swiftly pinpoint the specific ingredient you're seeking.

What If An Ingredient or Food Is Not Available?

We understand that each client is unique, and their nutritional needs can often transcend the confines of standard databases. That's why Foodzilla empowers you to take charge by creating your own custom ingredients and foods within our system.

This exclusive capability ensures that you can accommodate specialized dietary requirements, which might involve ingredients not readily available in conventional databases. Importantly, your personalized database remains exclusively accessible to you and your clients, fostering a secure and tailored experience.

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