Gout Recipes & How Foodzilla Helps Manage Gout

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Gout is a painful, inflammatory arthritis that occurs in acute flares characterized by intense pain in the extremities. Following a low-purine diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help reduce symptom severity and the risk of developing gout1. In this post, we’ll explain how Foodzilla can aid your gout management experience.


Nutrition Therapy for Gout

Gout is characterized by the buildup of crystalized uric acid in joints of the extremeties2. These deposits can cause painful inflammatory responses known as gout flare-ups. To reduce the occurrence and severity of gout flares, one should minimize their intake of purines, a precursor of uric acid. Purines are a nitrogenous chemical compound found in foods such as3:

  1. 1. Alcohol, especially beer
  2. 2. Foods and beverages sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup
  3. 3. Red meat, organ meat, and game meat
  4. 4. Seafood including trout, tuna, codfish, herring, scallops, anchovies, sardines, and muscles
  5. 5. Yeast and yeast extract supplements

It is not possible, nor warranted, to adopt a completely purine-free diet2. However, avoiding the foods listed above is proven to improve gout outcomes. Research has found that some foods containing purine, such as vegetables and dairy, do not worsen blood urate content. In fact, a diet rich in vegetables and dairy has shown to improve gout flares and alleviate some intense symptoms.


Using Foodzilla for Gout Management

Gout is best managed by reducing high-purine foods while promoting a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy, and fluid2. As a practitioner, it is wise to provide nutrition counseling on the cause of gout and foods that increase flare-ups during your intervention. As the client is learning about their condition, following a meal plan with recipes and foods that improve gout outcomes can be beneficial. With Foodzilla, you can customize your client’s meal plan to benefit their gout management plan.

Save Time with AutoGenerating a Meal Plan

You can auto-generate a meal plan for your client to meet their specific needs.

  • - From the Meal Plan tab, click ‘autogenerate.’
  • - Proceed to fill out the required information, such as calories per day, meals per day, plan period, macronutrient breakdown, and cook time.
  • - Select ‘Red Meat Free’ for the health label. As mentioned above, red meat foods are high in purines and should be avoided for clients with gout.
  • - Begin adding foods to avoid. Copy and paste the high-purine foods listed above into the foods to avoid category.
  • - Generate the meal plan.
  • - Review the autogenerated meal plan to ensure that you agree with the recipes.
  • - Add or remove recipes as necessary.
  • - Click ‘Save Meal Plan’

Figure 2. Client Notes & Files in Foodzilla

Note: The Notes & Files tab can be found in your client’s page within the Foodzilla web application.

You can edit the selected recipes to include more recipes with produce, poultry, and low-purine foods of your choice. You can also add individual foods, or snacks, to increase your client’s intake of fruits and vegetables. Instruct your clients to avoid eating high-purine foods outside their meal plan and provide instructions on which foods should be avoided.


Sample Recipe for Gout - Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Figure 2. Barbecue Chicken Pizza Recipe Photo

Note: The Notes & Files tab can be found in your client’s page within the Foodzilla web application.

The example recipe is a barbecue chicken pizza with the original recipe from Johns Hopkins Medicine. This recipe is approved for gout nutrition therapy because it contains foods moderate to low in purines.


  • - 2 teaspoons of oil, olive
  • - 227 g of pizza base, raw
  • - 52 g of onions, raw
  • - 75 grams of capsicum, green, fresh, raw
  • - 140 g of chicken, breast, grilled
  • - 143 g of barbecue sauce
  • - 60 g of Cheese, mozzarella, low moisture, part -skim, shredded


  1. 1. Preheat the oven to 450°F.
  2. 2. Cut bell pepper and onion into thin slices.
  3. 3. Fry onion and pepper strips in a pan with oil over medium heat. Cook until soft.
  4. 4. Stir in chicken and barbecue sauce until ingredients in the pan are coated. Then remove from heat.
  5. 5. Place ready-made pizza base on a cookie sheet.
  6. 6. Spread barbecue-coated ingredients evenly over the pizza base and top with mozzarella.
  7. 7. Bake for 10 minutes, or according to the pizza base instructions.

Nutrition Information

  • - Calories per serving 352 kcal / 1473 kJ
  • - Total fat 9.85 g, Saturated fat 2.6 g, Cholesterol 48.95 mg
  • - Total carbs 48.22 g, Sugar 14.19 g, Fiber 2.51 g
  • - Protein 19.65 g
  • - Sodium 578 mg, Calcium 172 mg, Iron 2 mg, Phosphorus 236 mg,
  • - Potassium 359 mg, Zinc 1 mg, Magnesium 34 mg


Foodzilla and Decreased Chronic Disease Risk

With Foodzilla, you can effortlessly implement nutrition interventions for disease management. Foodzilla’s meal planning feature allows you to easily adapt your client’s dietary patterns to become more appropriate for their condition. Following a meal plan can help clients hit nutrition targets, stay focused, and learn about strategic nutrition for disease management. Along with your expert counseling for nutrition education, Foodzilla’s services can allow you to improve your clients’ disease management plans significantly.



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