Offer a Unique Nutrition Coaching Experience

With so many apps, influencers, online services and dietitians to choose from, it is becoming increasingly hard to differentiate your business from the rest. Offering your own mobile app for your clients/patients is costly and takes time to develop and maintain. So what do you do? well we have a solution for you.

Branded Clients Mobile App

With Foodzilla, we provide your clients a free mobile app to track their nutrition, exercises, and to connect with you (their coach). The app also offers convenient features such as visual food diaries, food lookup, Fitbit syncing and more. It is available on both iPhone/iPad and Android and is completely maintained and developed by us.

The Foodzilla mobile app for clients

You can easily set nutrition goals and motivate your clients to achieve them. Our technology lets your clients track nutrition by just taking pictures. The app then sends all the nutrition data to you (after their consent) and stores it online so you can access it whenever you need. Only you and your client have access to the data.

You can customize the home screen your clients see in our app. This gives you the ability to control what they see and have your own flavor added to it. For example, removing calories and nutrition data from the home screen for some clients (e.g. ones who suffer from eating disorders). We also consider building custom features needed by your practice/business.

Add your branding to the app without any additional fees. All paid plans come with custom branding enabled out of the box! You are able to customize the app primary colors, add your own logo, your coach profile picture (so that clients can see your face when messaging you) and add your own links (such as a link to your blog or community page).

A sample of a branded app with custom colors, logo and links.

Personalized Meal Planning

Personalized nutrition is the future and with Foodzilla we give you all the tools you need to create personalized recipes and meal plans for your clients. We save you time and streamline your workflow so you can focus on helping your clients succeed.

With our growing database of food composition data, you can craft recipes with nutrition data automatically calculated for you. We also have food densities so you can use common measurements like a slice of cheese, one flat-white with trim milk, a spear of asparagus...etc. which are more familiar to your clients and more user-friendly.

You can send meal plans with a click of a button and we deliver it instantly to your clients through our mobile app. You can also choose to send it to them over email as a PDF file if you wish or use our PDF link feature to host the PDF for you on our servers and we give you back a link that can be used to download the meal plan PDF.

Automated Grocery Lists

That's right, no more manual grocery list notes or forgetting to buy certain ingredients because they were not included in the manually created list. With Foodzilla, we generate the grocery lists for your clients from their meal plans. It is very flexible and works instantly. Your clients can choose which period they want to buy grocery for and choose which meals as well. They can also cross-off the ingredients they bought and all ingredients are categorized into groups.

Secure Messaging

Communicate private and safely with your clients without using personal emails or phone numbers. Get notified when your client replies or when they send you a message. You can easily send them text messages, emojis, pictures and links. This is a great way to keep up with your clients and keep them motivated/engaged. It is also a great way for them to reach you and ask questions.

And so much more that we can't cover in one post. Signup to Foodzilla today and try it for yourself and get a 10-days free trial.

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