Recipe Development and Management The Easy Way

Developing recipes is time consuming due to several reasons such as researching online recipes, finding ingredients data, calculating nutrition and nutrient distribution, adding diet and health labels, photography, and so on...

Once you develop some amount of recipes, several issues start to come up:

  1. - It becomes hard to search your recipes and store them in an efficient manner. For example, let's say you have 100 recipes and you want to find which one of them had a "Low Fat" label assigned. To do this without software, you would have to open each recipe one by one to find that label
  2. - Changes to ingredients and portions require re-calculating the nutrition data and diet/health labels for every recipe you change
  3. - Storing a large amount of recipes on your computer works if you have the storage capacity and if your disk drive doesn't fail. However, disk failures can happen at any time leading to data loss without being able to backup when you need it the most

Imagine if there was a way to speed up your workflow by an order of magnitude, how much more revenue can you make?

With Foodzilla, we solve all the issues above, save you time and speed up your workflow.

Here's how:

  1. - We provide a recipe database with over 100,000 recipes with images from online publications that we licensed from a third party. This makes it easier for you to do your research and find inspiration. You filter recipes by: recipe time, calorie amount, nutrients present, diet labels and so on
  2. - We provide access to over 100,000 ingredients from food composition databases from New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. We also provide nutrition data from whole foods suppliers such as GoodFor and TheSourceBulk with more coming soon
  3. - We automatically calculate nutrition and nutrients distribution based on the ingredients and portions in each recipe
  4. - We automatically configure diet and health labels as well as provide the ability to manually edit them per recipe
  5. - We store your data online on the cloud so you can access it from any device and give you unlimited storage capacity with daily backups
  6. - We give you the ability to create meal plans from the recipes you create without having to do any manual work
  7. - We give you the ability to print your recipes so you can distribute them easily

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