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Every country is supposed to provide a food composition database for the public so people and health professionals alike can see what's really inside the foods they are buying and eating. Over the years, governments and health agencies began to publish such databases with varying results in terms of data quality and research.

Some countries also provide the food densities along with their compositions. This is very useful because not all foods have the same densities. Others also provide common measurements in their country which is more user-friendly as it is easier to understand and measure for regular folks. For example, it is easier to see and measure that a person ate one slice of cheese instead of 35 grams of cheese. With more data coming online, the challenge shifts from not much data to too much data.

This is where Foodzilla comes in to help professionals navigate the vast amount of data available and extract the most useful bits out of it. Imagine trying to organize millions of recipes, nutrients, densities, food intake, and exercise data points into a single easy-to-use dashboard. That's hard to think about let alone organize manually and that's why you need a smart software solution like Foodzilla.

With one text box, you can search over 100,000 food items instantly from different countries and food suppliers (this number will only go up as we add more databases to our system). Each item comes with nutrition information provided by either the food composition database from a government agency or a food supplier. You can then use these items to create personalized recipes and meal plans. We're continuously adding more databases to our system and increasing our food index. Our aim is to index over 100 food databases from countries and food suppliers around the world.

Here's an example where we search different items from the NZ and UK composition databases available at Foodzilla:

Searching food items in the food compositions databases from New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

As you can see, searching the data is very fast and easy to use. We will continue to add more food composition databases and food suppliers to our system so you can find any food item and continue making unique recipes for your clients.

You can also create new ingredients and foods in case our food index doesn't have what you're after. This feature is available on all our plans and it lets you have your own database of foods. To create a new food, you need to have a 100 grams measurements for at least the following fields:

  1. - Calories or KJoules
  2. - Total Protein
  3. - Total Carbohydrates
  4. - Total Fats

You can have 0 or negligible amounts for the above fields as well. Ingredients in your own database are only available to you, your team members and your clients. You can also update and delete ingredients your database.

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