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Foodzilla makes your team more efficient and your clients' data more secure. Let our software do the tedious work so your team can be more productive and enjoy working for you longer.

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From the ground up, Foodzilla is designed to work for both individual dietitians/nutritionists running their own business and a team of dietitians working for a practice/gym/company/institution. So far, we've mostly talked about the features available but haven't spend time to talk about how teams benefit from Foodzilla.

Let's first go through some of the challenges faced when running a practice with several dietitians working in the same team. Then we will discuss how Foodzilla fixes them and how it is the best investment you can do to improve your team's workflow and productivity.


Sharing Resources (Recipes and Meal Plans)

Sharing these resources is good to save time and be more efficient. The current solution is to use a shared folder on Dropbox or Google Drive for the team to access PDFs/Word documents and so on. While this may work, there are risks and inefficiencies that come with manually updating shared documents. It also means you can't run computation or software on these documents.

You may ask, what do we mean by "running computations on documents"?

Simply put, PDF/Word documents are not structured for a coding algorithm to read, update, and improve. This means your documents are relatively dumb compared to a structured document that an algorithm can understand and improve.

Now you may ask, "What are some examples of these improvements if my documents were structured?"

Well, some of these improvements are:

  1. - Automatic calculation of ingredients' nutrition and the total nutrition for a recipe and a meal plan
  2. - Drawing charts and labeling of nutrition data for recipes and meal plans
  3. - Syncing all recipes between your dietitians and clients in real time so any changes are reflected automatically and nothing manual needs to be done
  4. - Automatic filtering of all these recipes/meal plans that goes beyond just searching by the document name
  5. - Being able to provide suggestions to ingredients to be swapped out with other similar ingredients with lower or higher calories or macro nutrient based on the clients needs
  6. - Being able to generate grocery lists and other data from recipes and meal plans
  7. - Create your database with foods and ingredients to share with the team

The list keeps going, we just wanted to highlight a few improvements that Foodzilla will do for you if you decide to use our platform to host your recipes and meal plans instead of a shared folder!

To learn more about the features mentioned above, visit the corresponding blog posts detailing each one.

Client Handoff And Managing Leave

We all need a break from our work and dietitians are no exception to that. When someone from your team takes their annual or sick leave, taking care of their clients becomes important to keep them engaged and happy.

With Foodzilla, as an Admin of the team, you are able to see which dietitian is assigned to which client and re-assign them as you see fit. Of course, having this oversight is not for everyone, that's why we have roles within a team. Admins have elevated permission such as this one to be able to manage their team. Members of a team can't perform this operation and have somewhat of a limited access.

As an Admin, you are also able to update their meal plans, access chat history to continue the conversation and see any pending messages, and more. Members are able to access shared resources and templates to do their work efficiently..

Each member have their own account but are all connected to the team account. This keeps things clean and organized. No need to share details and reduce the security of your data.

Managing Members' Access

As dietitians join or leave your practice, you have to revoke/give access to all the tools used in your practice to manage nutrition. This can get tedious and easy to make a mistake. Managing your clients nutrition information is important and must be used with proper secure channels. The last thing you want is to leak client information to unauthorized persons.

With Foodzilla, we make it really easy to revoke access to existing members of your team and adding new ones. You are also able to assign new Admins in your team if you choose to do so. All done through our simple user interface without needing to ask a person to do it for you.

That's why you should consider using Foodzilla to manage your team: Easy, Secure, and Efficient. Let our software do the tedious work so your team can be more productive and enjoy working for you longer.

If this is interesting, give Foodzilla a try and get 10-days free trial . If you have any questions, click on the green chat-bubble icon at the bottom right and we will get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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