Connect Cliniko with Foodzilla

Foodzilla provides the best tools to manage your clients' nutrition, goals, meal plans, and communication. Cliniko is one of the best practice management software products out there.

What if you can connect them together? well, that's how you add nutrition superpowers to your Cliniko subscription ✨.

Furthermore, Cliniko customers get an exclusive 10% discount on all our plans! Signup for a free trial and connect your Cliniko account to get the discount.

Foodzilla and Cliniko

What does Foodzilla do?

You can create personalized recipes and meal plans, analyse nutrition, communicate and manage clients online, and offer a free mobile app for clients (with your branding).

You can also completely customise the mobile app experience to show/hide features based on your client needs as well as add your own logo, colors and links to make the app experience truly unique to your brand.

Streamline Your Workflow

Foodzilla replaces several tools, so you can easily analyse nutrition, create recipes & meal plans, and monitor nutrition for your clients—all in one place.

For private practices, colleagues can save time by working together and sharing recipes & meal plans. And it's easy to re-assign clients when a practitioner is sick or on leave.

Food and Recipe Analysis

Access over 500,000 food items found in leading food composition databases from the United States (USDA), United Kingdom (CoFID by PHE), New Zealand (NZFCD), and Australia (FSANZ aka NUTTAB).

Search through an online database of 100,000+ recipes, using 40+ filters based on health labels, dietary requirements, and cuisine types. For example, you can find "Middle eastern recipes that are high in protein and low in sodium".

Paperless Nutrition Monitoring

Instead of hassling with paper lists of your clients' daily food intake, what if you could see exactly what they're eating?

Foodzilla lets your clients take pictures of their meals and uses AI technology to extract and auto-populate as much data as possible from each photo. Then, the image and all the relevant info are automatically sent to you within seconds!

This gives you a much deeper understanding of their eating habits, missing nutrients from their diet, detailed nutrients distribution, and much more.

Free Mobile App for your clients

The Foodzilla mobile app for clients makes it super easy and fun to manage nutrition. Your clients can manage nutrition by just taking pictures, log their exercises, water intake, communicate with you, receive your meal plans, and access grocery lists any time.

The app can be customized with your brand colors and logo, and you can even add links to your website, courses, and blog. Our platform allows you to update your designs online at any time without waiting for a design team to do so. Mobile apps receive regular improvements and we take care of customer support.

How to connect Cliniko with Foodzilla?

The process is simple. Create an API key in your Cliniko account then login to your Foodzilla account and add your Cliniko API key. That's it.

Cliniko setup feature

Once connected, the following extra features are unlocked in Foodzilla:

  1. - Import clients/patients from Cliniko
  2. - Import team members/practitioners from Cliniko
  3. - View past and upcoming appointments for a Cliniko client
  4. - View treatment notes for a Cliniko client
  5. - Connect an existing Foodzilla client to a Cliniko client

Ready to level-up?

Create meal plans 10x faster, follow up with your clients through our mobile app, and never struggle with meal planning or recipe management again.