Designed for Remote Work

Foodzilla is built with remote work in mind to enable practices, fitness studios and nutrition businesses to work online and reduce costs.

Food diaries feature

Foodzilla is a web-based tool accessible from any device, browser, and location giving you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Your clients can use our free mobile app for a premium client management experience.

Being able to consult online, provide meal plans, create recipes, chat with your clients and succeed together with your team all online is a must have for businesses of today and the future.

Flexible Management

We understand that for some of your clients, it is still not easy to use a mobile app so we built features to help with that. Generate beautiful PDFs with meal plans and recipes, log meals on your clients behalf and sync exercises automtically from their fitness devices.

PDFs are optimised for printing and have your company’s branding on all pages. You can then send them by email to your clients or print them. You can even create your own recipe book if you wanted to!

Work Together

Working as a team is important for every company with an ambition to succeed and grow. With Foodzilla, we’ve made collaborating easy and fun.

You can easily share meal plan templates with your colleagues so they can reuse these meal plans with their clients and save time. Also, sharing your awesome recipes with your colleagues is one click away.

And of course, we all have down times, Foodzilla lets you re-assign clients to your colleagues so you know someone is taking care of them.

Client Messaging

With private client messaging features, you can consult online and message clients about recent session, nutrition plan, and motivate them to achieve their goals.

You can send text and image messages, links to video meeting sessions and of course emojis 🤩

Foodzilla helps nutrition businesses with their digital transformation, reduce costs and increase client retention rates.

Ready to level-up?

Create meal plans 10x faster, follow up with your clients through our mobile app, and never struggle with meal planning or recipe management again.