Our mission

Help people achieve healthier lifestyle through nutrition education and connecting with health professionals

Our team

We're a team of passionate problem solvers who are dedicated to making nutrition and healthy lifestyle accessible to more people from all around the world.

The food industry is flooded with information which overwhelms users and apps filled with fast food ads making it even more difficult for people to let go of old habits.

We believe people need better tools to educate them about their food and nutrition, make healthy eating easier and be able to make informed healthy decisions toward a balanced lifestyle.

Our story

Back in 2017, a report came out where New Zealand was ranked as the 3rd obese country in the world. This was surprising and we decided to look into the reasons why people become obese and how they consume food.

We found out the average person doesn't know the nutrition value of their meals, especially when eating out. Most fast food chains and restaurants don't make it obvious how to find the nutrition values of their food or the data is just unavailable. People generally don't know how many calories they need to eat in a day and so on. We decided to bring technology to the nutrition world to help solve these problems.

Our first product, the Foodzilla mobile app was released to the public in 2017 on the App Store. It analyzes nutrition and ingredients in meals by just taking a photo. Since then, over 20,000 people tried it and over 25,000 meals analyzed. We learned a lot about how, when and what people eat.

Our second product, the Foodzilla platform was released to the public in 2019. It lets dietitians and other health professionals connect with their patients/clients and easily monitor their health. Our platform makes running a nutrition management business easy as. It saves dietitians time by using technology to make certain tasks easier to do.

Track clients' activities and nutrition automatically through the mobile app. Communicate with clients directly through live chat instead of emailing back and forth. Create meal plans without wasting paper and update them in real-time. Access over 1 million recipes and 500,000 food items almost instantly and so much more.

Create your free account today and run your nutrition practice more efficiently.