Foodzilla is a complete nutrition management platform trusted by dietitians all over New Zealand. Manage clients' nutrition, create meal plans in seconds, free mobile app for clients, live chat, and so much more - all in one, easy-to-use platform. 30-days free trial.

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Manage your clients in one place

Streamline your workflow by using one tool instead of multiple apps, emails, spreadsheets, and paper

Save time with automated progress reports

Understand your clients' exercise, nutrition, and eating habits by seeing their data instead of filling a form. As your clients use our app, their nutrition and exercise progress is sent to your dashboard. Workouts from fitness devices like Fitbit are also automatically synced.

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Save time with reusable meal plan templates

Create reusable meal plans for particular client groups (such as IBS, vegetarian and so on) and share them with your team so they can use it with their clients. These meal plans can also be customised later to fit the individual's needs. Send meals plans to your clients either through our mobile app, by email, or by printing them

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Create personalized recipes in seconds

Access over 1 million recipes to create personalized recipes with nutrition automatically calculated. You can modify recipes in our database to fit your needs by changing ingredients, measurements, pictures and more. You can also create your own custom recipes from over 10,000 ingredients. Updates to recipes and meal plans are synced to all your clients in real-time.

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Increase revenue by offering a premium experience

Your clients can easily log meals by just taking a photo through our app. We use technology to detect ingredients, estimate calories, macronutrients, and more. As their health coach, you can also log meals on their behalf and see their meals with all the ingredients and nutrition data already calculated.

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Collaborate online with your team

Foodzilla is great for teams working in practices, fitness studios, and nutrition businesses. Collaborate with your colleagues, share recipes and meal plans, and manage clients together.

Easily add or remove members from your team with the ability to have multiple admins per team.

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Increase client retention with personal engagements

Message your clients about their recent session, nutrition plan, and motivate them to achieve their goals. Set automated alerts to remind them about an upcoming session, meal plan updates, upcoming challenges and more.

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See exactly what your clients eat

Food and exercise diaries are automatically generated as your clients’ use our app. Seeing through pictures makes recognising eating patterns easy as. Every meal has detailed ingredients and nutrition information. You can easily filter the information by day, week, and month.

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Extensible Nutrition Database

Access food composition databases (NZ, AU, UK, US) as well as create your own food database for items specific to your clients. Learn more available nutrition databases

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Recipe Builder

Choose from over 1 million recipes or create your own. Every recipe comes with full nutrition analysis and health labels already calculated. Learn more about Foodzilla's recipe builder

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Clients Mobile App

The Foodzilla mobile app lets your clients log meals by just taking pictures, access meal plans, sync exercises from fitness devices, and enables live chat.

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Team Management

Administrators have special access to invite members, create new ingredients, new templates and more. Each team can have multiple admins. Learn more about Foodzilla's team features

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Ingredients Lookup

Quickly search thousands of ingredients across the different composition databases and see the complete nutrition data. Learn about searching ingredients and analysing nutrition

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Real-time Data

All clients' nutrition, activities, and meal plans are synced in one platform and updated in real-time. Learn more about real-time data sync

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Designed for Remote Work

Access the Foodzilla platform from any device and browser with an internet connection. Our mobile app for clients is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Learn more Foodzilla's web-based platform

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Fitness Devices

Integrates with fitness devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and Polar. Automatically tracks exercises and calories burned. Learn more about integrations with other apps

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Manage Goals

Set nutrition, exercise, water and weight goals for your clients which will reflect in their mobile app automatically. Learn more about setting nutrition goal

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Deep Insights

Access detailed data about your clients nutrient and water intake, exercise, and eating habits with historical records and chart them over time. This gives you a powerful visualisation over their health and how to improve it. Learn more detailed insight reports

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Print Meal Plans & Recipes

Sometimes you have older clients who don't use an app. Foodzilla can create a PDF with beautiful meal plans and recipes optimised for printing with your company's branding. Learn more printing meal plans and recipes

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Log Meals for Clients

Log meals on behalf of your clients to keep track of their nutrition. You can log meals in the past, present and in the future.

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