What Is Live Chat?

Send messages privately to your clients without using other tools or unwanted interruptions.

live chat feature

Talking directly with your clients through our platform gives you the piece of mind and the privacy you need without any compromises. Other alternatives like messenger apps or email are just not good enough.

You don’t need to share your private phone number or your email address and certainly you don’t need to giveaway your data for free to Facebook and others.

Messages are 1-1 and private between you and your client. That’s it. No phone numbers, no emails, no nonsense.

How It Works

When you send a message to your client, they will get a push notification (through our app) as soon as it is delivered. The delivery time is almost instant.

Your client may choose to answer immediately or later. The message history is also available should you choose to view older messages.

Clients send messages through our mobile app directly to you. When the message is delivered, you will receive a web push notification (if you’ve enabled this permission).

Supported Content

Currently, there are only two supported types of messages: Text and Images. We’re adding support for more such as Audio and Video messages.