Foodzilla is built from the ground up with security in mind.
Security and privacy influence every decision and feature we build in Foodzilla.


Securing your data

Let's cover all the ways we do to protect your data

You own your data

Okay, let's make this clear. You are the sole owner of your data. Your clients' data is owned by your clients. We don't own any of your data nor your clients' data.

We've taken extra steps to help you manage your data securely. If you decide to go elsewhere, your data will be held for a maximum of 30 days after your trial expires.

If you ever want to transfer your data outside of Foodzilla for any reason, we can export it for you easily whenever you need. Of course, all of this is documented clearly in our terms of service and privacy policy.

High availability

We have multiple instances and data centers to ensure our service is available whenever you need it.

We monitor our systems 24/7 and transparently communicate any issues or failures with our customers. You can see our system performance history here.


Whenever your data is sent between us, it’s encrypted using HTTPS (end-to-end encryption) and WSS (Secure Websockets). We use a 2048-bit SSL certification for encryption in transit and your data is backed up daily. We have achieved an A+ grading by Qualys SSL Labs.

Basically, your data is stored safely in the cloud and no one can access your information except you and us. Plus, we refresh your backup every day to make sure it stays current.

Service partners

We choose our partners carefully. Our hosting partners are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and MongoDB (MDB). They both have achieved outstanding accreditations and certifications globally which can be found here (GCP) and here (MDB).

Furthermore, we do a routine check every month to make sure we're always following up with the industry's best practices with regards to privacy and security.

Real-time Security

Foodzilla is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our automated anomaly detection has the ability to detect suspicious activity and lock the account in real-time (without requiring a page refresh).

Furthermore, we implement the One Time Password (OTP) standard which means your password is never stored anywhere because it is generated whenever you need to login and discarded afterwards.

We offer bug bounties for new, responsibly disclosed issues. If you’ve found something, please contact us at

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