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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an active client?

    Active clients are ones that you actively manage every month. When you add clients, their status is easily visible within your dashboard, so you always know how many active clients you're managing in a month. You can easily add or remove clients to free up spots. You can also archive clients that come once every few months.

  • Can I add more clients to an existing plan?

    Yes, you are able to add more clients ($2 per client per month, minimum of 5 clients or $10 per month) to your existing plan without having to upgrade. For example, you can stay on the Starter plan and add 20 more clients.

  • What food database do you use?

    We currently support the following food composition databases: United States (USDA), New Zealand (Food Composition Data), United Kingdom (CoFID), Australia (Food Standards / NUTTAB) and we're always working on adding more databases.

  • Why is Foodzilla so affordable?

    Innovation at Foodzilla drives prices down and product value up. We keep our prices as low as we can to ensure we’re always providing much more value than we’re taking. We still work hard and innovate so that people choose Foodzilla because it’s the best, not because of the price.

  • Can I change plans?

    Yes, you are able to change plans. When your trial comes to an end, add your billing details to continue your subscription. You’ll be billed according to the plan you choose.

  • Are prices localised to my currency?

    Yes, the currency symbol is shown next to your country's currency. For example, in Australia, the price will be displayed as AU$. If you only see the $ symbol then the indicated price is in US Dollars.

  • Which plan should I choose?

    It comes down to how many clients you manage every month, whether you are interested in creating meal plans for them, and if you work as part of a team or an individual. We recommend the Professional plan for practices, clinics and fitness studios. Otherwise, the Starter plan is recommended for most dietitians/nutritionists/coaches who own their own practice and manage clients.

  • Do clients have to use the Foodzilla mobile app?

    It depends. If you would like to see your clients' nutrition, communicate with them via in-app messaging, and send them meal plans, then yes they must use our mobile app. However, you can also print meal plans and log meals on their behalf if your clients don't want to use a mobile app or are unable to do so.

    Our state-of-the-art mobile app lets your clients log meals by just taking a picture, syncs meal plans and activities with popular fitness devices, enables in-app messaging, and is free for your clients.

  • Do you support multiple practitioners as part of a clinic?

    Yes. You can sign up to our professional plan which lets you have a team of up to 5 people. Members get their own login details, and it significantly saves your practice time and money. More members can be added at an extra cost of $20/month.

  • What nutrients do you have?

    We currently support up to 150 nutrients such as: MUFA, PUFA, SFA, Lactose, Maltose, Starch, Biotin, Folate, Potassium and more. Some databases have less nutrients than others. We display the information as is provided from the food composition database from each respective country.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    We accept credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers (online banking for yearly subscriptions), Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If you choose online banking, we generate invoices at the start of the month and expect them to be paid within 4 weeks.

  • Are there student discounts?

    Yes. If you're a student studying in a health-related field such as dietetics then you qualify for our $59 USD per year student plan. To apply for this discount, please email us at sales@fitzilla.io with your student information.

  • Is a credit card required for a free trial? (No)

    No. A credit card is not required to try our software.

  • What happens if I exceed my number of monthly clients limit?

    Before the limit is reached, our software will remind you with messages regarding the limit and how to upgrade. In general, additional clients cost $2 per client per month. If you would like something custom, talk to us. We are able to customise a plan for your needs and support as many clients as you want.

  • Are there any upfront costs?

    Absolutely not! We won’t ask for your payment details unless you decide to subscribe after the trial. You can create a free account and start using Foodzilla immediately.

  • Is there a minimum contract term? (No)

    No, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you won’t be billed again. We hope you will stick around because you love using Foodzilla, not because we locked you into a contract.

  • Interested in custom plans and higher limits?

    Contact our sales team for more information.