We’re advancing the nutrition software industry

Foodzilla was created by a close-knit group of professionals in New Zealand who share a passion for nutrition and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people's lives. Our mission is to advance the nutrition software industry by empowering nutrition professionals, fostering their growth and innovation to build a healthier future for all. We recognize that several challenges persist in the nutrition space, and we aim to address them effectively:

  1. Nutrition coaching is complex. Our goal is to simplify coaching and education for everyday people and health professionals alike.
  2. Nutrition data is often dispersed. We strive to consolidate global nutrition information into a single search box, similar to Google's approach to web indexing. This would allow instant access to diverse ingredient and food data from various regions.
  3. Developing a meal plan is time-consuming. We help professionals create recipes and meal plans up to 10 times faster, increasing their capacity for more clients, collaborations, or personal time off.
  4. Nutrition tracking can be tedious and dull. Our AI-powered solution makes it quick, easy, and engaging.
  5. Existing nutrition software lack intelligence and integration. We develop smarter solutions that seamlessly connect with everyday tools, enhancing both work enjoyment and efficiency.

Why are we doing this?

By successfully solving the above problems, we believe we can:

  1. - Reduce the barrier to entry for a good nutrition plan
  2. - Get more people access to nutritionists, dietitians and coaches
  3. - Reduce nutrition-related diseases and health conditions worldwide

According to the WHO, the rates of Type 2 diabetes are increasing worldwide, which may also contribute to the development of other conditions such as kidney and heart disease..

Obesity in New Zealand is very high and continues to increase year over year. According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health:

"New Zealand has the third-highest adult obesity rate in the OECD, and our rates continue to increase. One in three adult New Zealanders (over 15 years) is classified as obese, and one in ten children."

Looking at the numbers above we asked ourselves this question:

"Considering the access to information and available data online, shouldn't nutrition related diseases decrease over time? why are they increasing instead?"

That's why we decided to build Foodzilla and solve the problems listed above which are contributing to this unfortunate metric of increasing obesity rates and health diseases worldwide.

How did we get started?

Foodzilla was born from the founders' frustration with the limited and ineffective nutrition analysis tools available, particularly for takeaway meals. Many apps were plagued with ads and offered subpar functionality.

Upon deeper investigation, we discovered that the majority of existing tools focused on practice management rather than nutrition. Some offered a mix of both, while others were simply outdated or lacked user-friendly design, appearing as though they were created in 1999. 

We took action, driven by our belief that software should be user-friendly, enjoyable, and cost-effective. Beginning with a mobile app in 2018 for clients to track their nutrition and explore recipes, we later expanded in 2019 by offering nutrition professionals a solution to streamline tasks like meal planning, recipe management, and grocery lists. Today, we provide an all-inclusive platform that empowers professionals to manage client nutrition, meal planning, facilitate live chat, and deliver a personalized end-to-end experience powered by AI.

From its early days of barely working to winning awards, our software's growth reflects our unwavering commitment. Today, it's gratifying to witness professionals worldwide recognizing our genuine, handcrafted work, as they rely on our user-friendly software to do their daily work efficiently.    

Here’s to never stop innovating,

Mo & Sergio,
Co-founders of Foodzilla 🦖

We're small tech with big ideas

Thanks to our customer-funded and bootstrapped approach, we prioritize our clients over investors. We value customer satisfaction and retention above aggressive growth strategies. Our existing, satisfied customers serve as our primary sales pipeline, with their word-of-mouth referrals driving new users to Foodzilla. In fact, 87% of our traffic originates from search engines.

Foodzilla is run by Mo (founder and engineer), Sergio (co-founder), Sarka (engineer), Kim (customer success), and the following nutritionists/dietitians (Payal, Hannah, Mika, Jemma) who created recipes and meal plans for Foodzilla.

We're a remote-first company with team members in New Zealand, Europe, the US, and Asia. We've invested significantly in enterprise-grade resources to ensure our servers remain fast, reliable, and always available. We also take security seriously.

We're building the future

We take inspiration from the past and innovate for a better future. Our AI-powered platform helps professionals create recipes and meal plans quickly and easily. We focus on enhancing nutrition software to support professionals, not replace them. Our goal is to empower nutrition experts with AI tools, giving them the ability to excel in their field.

We're the world's first AI-based nutrition platform, making it easy for professionals to create meal plans and recipes quickly. Our AI journey began in 2019 with a feature to recognize food ingredients in images. In 2020, we allowed professionals to customize the app experience for each client on Foodzilla, enabled real-time communication, and introduced custom branding for businesses on both the mobile app for clients and the web platform.

In 2021, we connected our platform with smart software like Cliniko and devices like Fitbit, and Polar, and added more food databases like US, UK, wholefoods, and optifast. In 2022, we revolutionized the design and infrastructure of our platform, making it scalable to accommodate a growing number of users and increasing its availability worldwide. We also added AI features to create recipe images and meal plans even faster, generating meal plans in just one second.

We're excited to keep pushing the nutrition software industry forward with more AI innovations in 2023 and beyond.

We're sustainable by nature

At Foodzilla, our goal is to deliver exceptional, long-lasting nutrition software solutions to our customers. As a proudly bootstrapped, independent, and self-funded company, we ensure sustainability by charging a fair price for our products.

Our friendly and empathetic support keeps customers loyal, while our team's decades of combined business experience enable us to effectively manage and maintain our company.

The planet matters

We're committed to supporting environmental efforts by allocating a portion of our revenue to such initiatives. Presently, we contribute 1% to Stripe's carbon removal program, recognizing that our company and all else depend on a habitable environment. Additionally, we're dedicated to enhancing our software with features that assist nutrition professionals and their clients in pursuing eco-friendly goals.

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