Foodzilla Wins Best Nutrition Analysis Software in APAC

🖊️ Authored by Foodzilla Team (December 2022)

The Foodzilla team has been working hard throughout 2022 to provide the best nutrition tools for dietitians, nutritionists, and health professionals worldwide.

We've added new features to help health professionals be more productive and spend less time on meal planning, nutrition analysis, and recipe management. Among these features are: Meal Planning Automation, Dietitian-Approved Meal Plan Templates, Nutrition Monitoring Automation, Auto-Generated Recipe Images, RDI Tracking, and Real-Time Meal Plans.

foodzilla software overview

We have done 61 product releases for the last 52 weeks. That's more than one update every single week. The rate of improvement at Foodzilla is unmatched in the nutrition industry.

Our user growth has also increased by roughly 150% since the start of the year and the time spent using our platform has tripled. Our online presence on search engines has grown by 400% compared to last year and more people than ever have heard of Foodzilla. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we're proud of how far we've come and the impact our products have had on nutrition professionals.

Award-Winning Nutrition Software

"Hard work pays off," as the saying goes. In our case, Foodzilla won the APAC Business Awards category presented by APAC Insider for Best Nutrition Analysis Software. More information is available in their press release.

Winning this award is an accomplishment, but our work is not done. Foodzilla's team is constantly improving the software and talking to users to ensure that our products provide the best experience for you and your clients.

Our goal is to make nutrition management simple and enjoyable for professionals and their clients. We care deeply about the experiences we create and strive to craft beautiful software that delights our users.

Nutrition Society Partnership

In 2022, we have also continued our work with our partners to make sure we deliver the best results to the nutrition professionals community in New Zealand. We're excited to continue our partnership with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand and hope to help even more nutritionists deliver the best nutrition care to their clients.

NSNZ Registered and Associate Registered Nutritionists get an extended trial period (30 days) and a 10% discount.

Automation and AI

In 2022, we have released new automation and AI features such as Automated Meal Planning, Automated Recipe Image Generation, and Automated Template Generation. These features make it really easy to create a personalized meal plan to fit your client's diet requirements. Once a meal plan is generated, you can easily edit it using our beautiful meal planner and use drag & drop to move meals around. Furthermore, you can easily repeat meals between days and meal types. If you would like to plan for a month, you can do that too with our plan recurrence feature.

Many of us have amazing recipes but without a picture to show how delicious they are. With Foodzilla, you can now generate a professional-looking recipe photo from just the recipe name. It sounds puzzling, but once you try it, you will wonder how you will ever create recipes without this feature.

2023 and Beyond

We're aiming to use automation and AI in even more areas of the product to make recipes and meal plan management easy as. We're building the future of nutrition planning so we're not constrained by what has already been done by others and are not afraid to experiment with new ideas. We have some very exciting new capabilities on the way that have never been done before. Finally, We will be increasing the number of dietitians in our team to deliver even more value for you.

The Foodzilla team would like to thank everyone who tried Foodzilla and provided feedback to improve our products. We appreciate your time as we know nutrition professionals are very busy people and we hope to deliver an even better and more delightful product for you in 2023.

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