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We're starting a new series where we introduce some of our earliest and most supportive clients as well as nutrition professionals from the community. In this blog post, we are going to talk to Jennifer Groom to know more about Nutrition & Life and why they use Foodzilla in their workflow.

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A little bit of history before we get started. Nutrition & Life were one of our earliest customers and have helped the Foodzilla team tremendously by providing feedback and suggesting ways to improve the platform overall. The Foodzilla team truly appreciates the support and look forward to continue serving great customers like Nutrition & Life. Now, let's get started with our conversation with Jennifer.

Hi Jennifer, hope you're well. In this series, we want to introduce your practice to our audience. Can you tell us a bit about Nutrition & Life and your mission?

Hi Mo, thanks for having me. At Nutrition & Life we are a team of skilled registered Dietitians on a mission to empower New Zealanders to bring joy to their self-care. We provide individualized nutrition advice that is both sustainable and enjoyable. If you have troubles with food cravings, body changes, weight changes, hormone balance, bloating or food intolerance we have got you covered. Together we will develop tools and a fail proof plan to ensure the troublesome days are behind you.

Great, thank you. Perhaps tell us a little bit about what a typical day looks like for you?

Each day starts with the team coming together sharing our energy and prepping to ensure optimal care is provided to our clients that day. By bringing energy into consults we ensure our clients are as excited about nutrition as we are, by making food taste good and satisfying! On the average day each dietitian will work with 8-10 clients always ensuring we take breaks for fresh air, food and mental clarity (as we would ask of our clients). Across our team we see a variety of clients with different nutritional issues. For example we see a lot of changes in metabolism with aging, stress and histories of dieting, with these clients we educate and prescribe tools and set realistic goals to conquer their metabolism and feel like them again. Clients smash their goals here at Nutrition & Life, this uplifts our staff and keep us motivated to help more and more clients in need.

Absolutely, great to hear the practice is doing well! Can you tell us a bit about how Foodzilla fits in your workflow?

Using Foodzilla has given Nutrition & Life an edge. Nutrition & Life uses Foodzilla to cement key learnings for clients who enjoy the ease of reaching out and asking questions directly from the app. Clients often want to know the best foods to eat at their age and life stage, Foodzilla allows Nutrition & Life Dietitians to cater to these people. Not only can we suggest our favorite recipes, but we can also analyze if clients are getting enough key nutrients each day. Knowing clients are getting enough of each vitamin and mineral is something we were previously unable to do easily, this means our clients are now getting more in-depth nutrition education.

Fantastic. Foodzilla makes educating clients easy and provides all the data you need as their coach. How about your team? does Foodzilla help in that regard?

Talking about food is our bread and butter, excuse the pun. Our Foodzilla library has saved us time, helping generate amazing recipes and snack ideas for our hungry clients. We also better assist our clients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by using Foodzilla to provide comprehensive plans which follow the low FODMAP diet.

What would you say is you're most excited about with Foodzilla?

The Nutrition & Life team love that Foodzilla can now generate a supermarket list. This feature links adequate nutrition with purchasing and as a team we find this very exciting.

Ah yes, our new grocery list feature is very popular! If you were able to add a new feature to Foodzilla, what would you add and why?

We would love to see more Mediterranean recipes in the bank of recipes as these are loaded with essential vitamins from vegetables and wholegrains, high in protein from an array of sources and use herbs and spices for flavoring food.

Great suggestion! This is definitely something in our roadmap and we will share more on this soon. Finally, our last question, what are Nutrition & Life's goals for 2021?

2021 is shaping up to be the best year ever for Nutrition & Life as we expand our geographic reach. Our team of skilled dietitians in addition to our in-person clinic sessions, also provide virtual sessions to Kiwis from the comfort of their own homes, across New Zealand. For clients, the advantages of virtual health are clear: You typically can get an appointment sooner, in the safety of your own home or workplace, saving time and money on petrol and parking — in some cases, even avoiding a loss in wages for missing work. Nutrition & Life would like to make 2021 the year when geographic barriers are removed and we’re able to help all New Zealanders in need, wherever they may be located.

Thank you Jennifer and we're very excited to have Nutrition & Life grow and expand their reach in 2021 and beyond.

This concludes our interview with Nutrition & Life. Checkout them out if you're looking for great dietitians to take care of you and they also have an excellent educational blog. We hope our readers learn a bit about how Foodzilla helps nutrition practices gain an edge and provide real value to their clients.

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