Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching For Health Professionals

It's exhausting to spend hours of your day searching for recipes, collecting them in a spreadsheet, and making sure they all fit your client's nutritional needs.

Foodzilla lets you create highly-personalised nutrition plans for clients in minutes, not hours and offer a free mobile app for your clients with your branding.

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10x Faster Meal Planning

Match your client's nutrition needs with personalized meal plans that are easy for them to follow, and the app will take care of the rest — automating all the recipe collection, filtering out the bad stuff, generating grocery lists, and helping them stay on track.

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Find Recipes in Seconds

It's time to stop wasting your time. Use our extensive database with over 100,000 recipes that have been tagged with nutrition labels and diet filters (cuisines, diets, allergies...) to help you find exactly what your client wants to eat. You can also find recipes with specific nutrient amounts per serving.

Learn more our recipe database and builder

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Save Time with Templates

Don't start from scratch. With Foodzilla, you can start off with using our existing meal plan templates or create your own for groups of clients with similar needs such as IBS then adapt it to the individual's needs.

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Next-Generation App Customisations

Foodzilla lets you offer your clients a branded custom mobile app that matches their nutrition needs. They can follow their meal plans on the go, track their progress, communicate with you, and stay motivated to follow your plan.

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Private Communication

Stay in touch with your clients and keep them motivated to follow your plan by sending live messages via the Foodzilla app. Messages are encrypted, private, and between you and your client. That’s it. No phone numbers, no emails, no prying eyes, and no-nonsense.

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Help Them Stay on Track

With automated progress reports, it is easy to spot trends in your clients’ food intake, exercise and hydration levels. It takes the guess work out of the picture and makes it clear what's missing from their nutrition and lifestyle.

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Even More Features to Save Your Time

Extensive Nutrition Database

Use food composition databases from United States (USDA), New Zealand (Food Composition Data), United Kingdom (CoFID), Australia (Food Standards / NUTTAB), wholefood suppliers and more coming soon. Learn more about nutrition data sources.

Recipe Database

Choose from over 100,000 recipes or create your own. Every recipe comes with full nutrition analysis and health labels already calculated. Learn more about our recipe database.

Recipe Filters

Easily filter recipes by calories, preparation time, meal type, cuisine type (Asian, Mexican, Indian), diet type (low-fat, high-protein, low-carb, no-sugar, vegan, etc.). Learn more about recipe filters.

Recipe Builder

Create your own recipes by using ingredients/foods from food databases with nutrition calculated automatically. You can also change measurements, serving sizes and add nutrition labels. Learn more about Foodzilla's recipe builder

Recipes & Meal Plan PDFs

Print your recipes and meal plans in PDF format with your own branding. Calories and author information can be hidden and grocery lists are automatically generated. Learn more printing meal plans and recipes

Custom Foods

Create your own food database for items specific to your clients such as supplements or new foods. Learn more about creating foods and searching ingredients.

Custom Labels

Create your own recipe and health labels to include in your recipes. Your clients can search for your recipes using these labels as well through our mobile app.

Share Your Recipes

Not everybody needs a meal plan, some people just want a collection of healthy recipes to choose from. Foodzilla lets you share your beautiful recipes with your clients in a customizable mobile app. Your clients can access the recipes' details, nutrition, and search for them through our mobile app.

Cooking Tips and Description

Add recipe tips or notes to make it even easier for your clients and provide more options for cooking a recipe. You can also describe what the recipe is about or the origin story to make it a bit more fun to follow.

What professionals say about Foodzilla

— Easy to introduce with clients. PDF versions of meal plans look great. App is easy to use and understand. Allows clients to see recommendations for food groups and fluids. Looks attractive and want to interact with the application.

— Excellent software and customer service. I love the easy-to-use and visual features of adding in food and drink.

— I most like the range of tools this app offers, it's an all-in-one service.

— I really enjoy this easy to use, customizable software!.

— Amazing product. Ease of use, good value and great customer service.

— I enjoyed using the flexible meal planner and recipes nutritional analysis features.

How It Works

1. Add Client Details

Start by adding your client's details (or import them from Cliniko), body metrics, and nutrition goals. You can also invite your client and let them register themselves using the mobile app. You can use the metric or imperial systems to add their details.

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auto-generate meal plan

2. Import a Meal Plan

Import from our meal plan template database or auto-generate a new plan based on your client's nutrition and diet needs. Foodzilla will automatically find recipes to match your needs in a matter of seconds. You can also generate a meal plan based on macros per day or create a meal plan from scratch if you want.

3. Review and Publish

Review the proposed meal plan, make edits as you see fit, and finally publish it to your client's mobile app. You can also export the meal plan as a PDF and send it to them as a web link. Grocery lists are automatically generated and items are grouped into categories. Finally, the PDF and mobile app will have your brand name, logo and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, if we're going to build a relationship together in you trusting us to handle your meal planning and recipes data, it's good to be transparent up-front, right? Let's look at some of the most common questions.

  • What food database do you use?

    We currently support the following food composition databases: United States (USDA), New Zealand (Food Composition Data), United Kingdom (CoFID), Australia (Food Standards / NUTTAB), wholefood suppliers, and we're always working on adding more databases.

  • Are there how-to guides and video tutorials?

    Yes, there are how-to guides for every feature in Foodzilla. Our dietitian has also created video tutorials to help you get started easily.

  • Do clients have to use the Foodzilla mobile app?

    It depends. If you would like to see your clients' nutrition, communicate with them via in-app messaging, and share meal plans to their device, then yes they must use our mobile app. However, you can also print meal plans and log meals on their behalf if your clients don't want to use a mobile app or are unable to do so.

    Our mobile app lets your clients log meals by just taking a picture, see your meal plans and follow them on the go, sync their activities with popular fitness devices, enables in-app messaging, and is free for your clients.

  • What nutrients do you have?

    We currently support up to 100 nutrients such as: MUFA, PUFA, SFA, Lactose, Maltose, Starch, Biotin, Folate, Potassium and more. Some databases have fewer nutrients than others. We display the information as is provided from the food composition database from each respective country.

  • How do you handle data?

    Data is currently stored in our Australian data centers. We choose our partners carefully. Our hosting partners are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MongoDB (MDB). They both have achieved outstanding accreditations and certifications globally which can be found here (AWS) and here (MDB).

  • Can I customize?

    Yes. You can add your brand logo, colors and links (your website, blog, community, courses ...etc). You can also customize the clients' mobile app features. For example, you can disable nutrition data fields for clients suffering from an eating disorder.

  • Is Foodzilla a Practice Management System (PMS)?

    No. Foodzilla focuses on making the meal planning and the nutrition coaching experience for you and your clients simple and fun. It does not offer practice management features such as bookings, invoicing ...etc.

    However, we've decided to integrate with some PMS solutions such as Cliniko to provide a seamless client to health professional experience.

  • How does Foodzilla integrate with Cliniko?

    Foodzilla connects with Cliniko using a user-generated API key. Once connected, you're able to import your Cliniko clients into Foodzilla, create meal plans, managing their nutrition, and more.

  • Are there any upfront costs? (No)

    Absolutely not! You can create a free trial account and start using Foodzilla immediately.

  • Is there a minimum contract term? (No)

    No, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you won’t be billed again. We hope you will stick around because you love using Foodzilla, not because we locked you into a contract.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We currently do not offer refunds. We provide a 10-day free trial period instead of charging upfront so you can test the product features at your own time. You can also cancel your trial at any time from your profile page.

Ready to level-up?

Create meal plans 10x faster, follow up with your clients through our mobile app, and never struggle with meal planning or recipe management again.