Generate Personalized Meal Plans Instantly For Your Clients

β€’ 🌱 Create meal plans instantly (with specific macros, diets & smart grocery lists) backed by Nutritionists & AI

β€’ πŸ’š Follow up with your clients, live chat, track nutrition, share files, collaborate on meal plans, and personalize their experience via your branded app

β€’ πŸŽ€ Manage bookings online, embed on your website, collect payments, and offer telehealth services.

Our clients love the recipes and the fact that they are always adding new ones to the database.

β€” Noelle ( Co-founder of Leading Edge Personal Trainers)

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🌱 How Automated Meal Planning Works

1. Automate with Ease

Start with an evidence-based template or instantly generate a meal plan tailored to your client’s needs, including allergies and dietary restrictions. Learn more.

2. Integrated Grocery Lists

Automatically generate organized grocery lists that align with your meal plans, edit and sort them how you like using an easy drag & drop interface. Learn more.

3. Customization and Delivery

Review, adjust, and publish meal plans directly to your client’s app, or via email, or as a PDF with options to edit or replace recipes as needed with your branding. Learn more.

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10x Faster Meal Planning

Tailor your client's nutritional needs with personalized meal plans designed for effortless compliance. The software simplifies the process by automating recipe compilation, eliminating unsuitable options, generating grocery lists, and promoting consistent progress.

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Save Time with Templates

Streamline your workflow with Foodzilla's dietitian-approved meal plan templates. Create personalized plans using our extensive recipe database or your own. Adapt templates effortlessly to meet clients' nutritional needs.

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recipe database and builder

Find Recipes in Seconds

Access over 100,000 recipes and 1500+ dietitian-approved options, all tagged with nutritional information and dietary filters such as cuisines, nutrients, diets, and allergies. Quickly find recipes tailored to your clients' preferences and specific nutrient requirements per serving.

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Your Branding, Everywhere

Customize the Foodzilla mobile app and meal plan PDFs with your brand's colors and logo. Clients can access meal plans, track progress, and communicate with you, all within a branded experience. We also provide the option to white-label our app and launch your own nutrition app.

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share plans with clients

Instantly Share Plans

Share meal plans with clients via the mobile app, email, or export as a PDF or web link. Reflect your brand’s color and logo to enhance communication and brand recognition.

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Automated Nutrition Monitoring

Identify trends in clients' food intake, exercise, and hydration levels with automated nutrition reports. Easily pinpoint areas for improvement.

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Streamline Your Nutrition Management & Coaching with Foodzilla's Advanced Tools and User-Friendly Software

πŸ“‘ Instant Custom Meal Plans

Effortlessly generate detailed meal plans tailored to specific nutritional needs in seconds and share them instantly via the app or as branded PDFs through email.

πŸ“Š Engage and Track

Stay connected with clients through live chat, track their nutrition, share files, and personalize their app experience with your branding.

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Simplify Meal Planning

Overcome the complexities of meal planning, client management, and recipe sourcing by consolidating all these functions into one efficient platform.

πŸ“‚ Food Databases

Utilize food composition data from USDA, FSANZ, CoFID, and other reliable sources. Learn more

πŸ“’ Recipe Database

Choose from over 100,000 recipes or create your own. Every recipe comes with full nutrition analysis. Learn more

🍴 Custom Foods

Create and manage a custom food database specific to your clients. Learn more

🫢 Collaborative Meal Planning

Allow clients to engage in meal planning, editing and crafting plans via the app. Learn more

πŸ“±Free Mobile App for Clients

Our mobile app enables clients to easily log meals with pictures, access meal plans, create grocery lists, and so on. Learn more

πŸ—‚ Image & Cooking Steps Generation

Generate recipe photos & cooking steps by typing in the recipe name and ingredients.

πŸ“‘ Recipe Builder

Create and customize recipes with automatic nutrition calculations. Learn more

πŸ’Œ Secure Messaging

Message clients securely without sharing personal contact info. Receive notifications for replies and send alerts. Learn more

πŸ”€ Zapier Integration

Integrate Foodzilla with over 6,000 apps for streamlined workflows and enhanced capabilities. Learn more

πŸ’š What professionals say about Foodzilla

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello πŸ‘‹, thank you for making it all the way here. Let's look at the most common questions that you're probably thinking of right now.

  • What food database do you use?

    We currently support the following food composition databases: United States (USDA), New Zealand (Food Composition Data), United Kingdom (CoFID), Australia (Food Standards / NUTTAB), wholefood suppliers, and we're always working on adding more databases.

  • Do you auto-generate grocery lists?

    Yes. Foodzilla auto-generates grocery lists for meal plans in both the mobile app and in PDFs.

  • Are there how-to guides and video tutorials?

    Yes, there are how-to guides for every feature in Foodzilla. Our dietitian has also created video tutorials to help you get started easily.

  • Do clients have to use the Foodzilla mobile app?

    It depends. If you would like to see your clients' nutrition, communicate with them via in-app messaging, and share meal plans to their device, then yes they must use our mobile app. However, you can also print meal plans and log meals on their behalf if your clients don't want to use a mobile app or are unable to do so.

    Our mobile app lets your clients log meals by just taking a picture, see your meal plans and follow them on the go, sync their activities with popular fitness devices, enables in-app messaging, and is free for your clients.

  • What nutrients do you have?

    We currently support up to 100 nutrients such as: MUFA, PUFA, SFA, Lactose, Maltose, Starch, Biotin, Folate, Potassium and more. Some databases have fewer nutrients than others. We display the information as is provided from the food composition database from each respective country.

  • How do you handle data?

    Data is currently stored in our Australian data centers. We choose our partners carefully. Our hosting partners are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MongoDB (MDB). They both have achieved outstanding accreditations and certifications globally which can be found here (AWS) and here (MDB).

  • Can I customize?

    Yes. You can add your brand logo, colors and links (your website, blog, community, courses ...etc). You can also customize the clients' mobile app features. For example, you can disable nutrition data fields for clients suffering from an eating disorder.

  • Is Foodzilla a Practice Management System (PMS)?

    It depends on your needs. Foodzilla now offers online bookings, payment collection on bookings and telehealth video consults. However, we are focused on making the meal planning and the nutrition coaching experience for you and your clients simple and fun.

    We also integrate with other PMS solutions such as Cliniko to provide a seamless client to health professional experience.

  • Can I auto-generate a plan with macronutrient values or percentages?

    Yes. Our generated plans can be customised based on macronutrient values or percentages, diets, health allergies and calories per day (without limits). You can also specify up to 6 meals per day. For example, you can generate a dairy-free diet with 3500 calories per day and a 30/50/20 macro split.

  • How does Foodzilla integrate with Cliniko?

    Foodzilla connects with Cliniko using a user-generated API key. Once connected, you're able to import your Cliniko clients into Foodzilla, create meal plans, managing their nutrition, and more.

  • Are there any upfront costs? (No)

    Absolutely not! You can create a free trial account and start using Foodzilla.

  • Is there a minimum contract term? (No)

    No, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you won’t be billed again. We hope you will stick around because you love using Foodzilla, not because we locked you into a contract.

  • Do you have a public API?

    No. We currently don't offer a public API, but it is on our roadmap.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We currently do not offer refunds. We provide a 10-day free trial period instead of charging upfront so you can test the product features at your own time. You can also cancel your trial at any time from your profile page.

Ready to level-up?

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