Connect Cliniko with Foodzilla

Photo by JOHN TOWNER / Unsplash

Clinko is one of the leading practice management software in Australia. They provide the ability to manage a practice efficiently and provide an API for other apps (like Foodzilla) to connect and add value to their customers.

When we look to integrate and partner with another company or software, we first take a look at their product and APIs to make sure they satisfy our requirements and are safe to use. Cliniko follows the industry's best practice when it comes to managing API keys and access to user data. Their support is great and very friendly to other apps integrating with them.

Why Connect Cliniko with Foodzilla?

Foodzilla is the solution for Cliniko customers who are interested in managing nutrition for their patients/clients. Foodzilla offers all the tools you need to manage nutrition, meal plans, and more for your clients. We also provide a customisable app with your own branding and secure messaging so you do not need to use personal numbers or emails.

Furthermore, Cliniko customers get an exclusive 10% discount for all our paid plans. Foodzilla plans are very affordable and start from $24/m for up to 25 clients and offer a free trial.

What Features Are Available Once Connected?

Once you add your Cliniko API key and enable the integration in your Foodzilla account. The following features will be unlocked (and more to come soon):

  1. - Import Clients from Cliniko: you can search and import your Cliniko clients/patients into Foodzilla.
  2. - Upcoming Appointment: view existing and upcoming appointments for your Cliniko clients.
  3. - Client Notes: view consultation notes for your Cliniko clients.

These are the initial set of features that will be unlocked for you once you're connected. In the future, we have plans to add more features for Cliniko users.

What About Other Practice Management Software?

We understand that not everyone is using Cliniko and many of you use different software. We're always on the lookout to integrate with great software and partner with other companies. You can always suggest an integration partner to us by emailing [email protected] or through our chat system.

We've contacted a few other PMS companies such as Halaxy, Powerdiar, CorePlus and others. We hope to connect with these systems in the near future but it depends more on them and their product / APIs. Once we've got something working we will announce it in so be sure to signup to our blog to stay updated.

What About Other Software/Apps?

We have plans to integrate with Zapier. This will unlock integrating Foodzilla with popular apps like Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Discord, Mailchimp, Trello, Google Drive, Acuity Scheduling, Google Forms, Stripe, Typeform, Instagram, Webflow, Microsoft Outlook and any other Zapier-enabled app.

Our goal is to make Foodzilla the most affordable and connected product on the market. No matter what software you use, we want Foodzilla to connect with it so nutrition professionals can manage nutrition as easily and as fun as possible. If this sounds interesting to you, then give Foodzilla a try, it's free after all.

Ready to level-up?

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