Foodzilla and Nutrition Society of New Zealand

We're proud to announce our newest partner – Nutrition Society of New Zealand (NSNZ).

Foodzilla's mission is to advance the human nutrition industry with innovation, tooling, and education. NSNZ is a non-profit organization who's mission is to support and advance nutrition as a scientific field. This partnership is a perfect fit and we're honored to be working with NSNZ to advance the nutrition industry.

As part of this exciting announcement, we're offering registered NSNZ members a special 10% discount for all our products. The discount only applies for new subscribers.

Innovation in the nutrition space is what we're focused on here at Foodzilla. Here's what we've done so far:

Detecting Ingredients with AI

We started with the launch of our mobile app in 2017, where we experimented with machine learning and AI to detect ingredients in food by just taking pictures. Since then, we've analyzed over 20,000 meals and our predictions keep improving.

This technology makes tracking nutrition easy and fun. Very useful for regular folks who are not into nutrition and just want an easy way to keep track of things (majority of the population). Download our app to try it out for yourself!

Accessible Nutrition Data

We then added more tools to make nutrition data readily accessible for regular folks and for professionals. We indexed several composition databases and exposed it through our own apps. You can now search over 100,000 ingredients in less than 200 ms across many databases and we keep adding more nutrition data points. Our target is to index nutrition data from 100 countries and food suppliers.

Making nutrition data accessible for regular folks is important to help them understand their food better and see how it compares with other foods. For example, eating a sweet potato versus eating pumpkin, which one has fewer carbs? or which one makes you more full? and so on...

Organizing nutrition data for professionals is also important to speed up their workflow and allow them to focus on their clients instead of finding the data which is usually distributed in different formats between different countries and suppliers.

Better Nutrition Coaching Experience

We are also making nutrition education and coaching easier for regular folks and for professionals. Our built-in messaging allows health professionals to communicate directly with their clients and engage at the right time.

Clients can get personalized meal plans from their coaches instantly in our app. Coaches can also distribute these plans by email or paper (if they choose to do so).

We look forward to working with NSNZ and their members to advance the nutrition industry.

You can sign up today and get a 10 days free trial and 10% discount.

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