What Differentiates Foodzilla From The Rest

At Foodzilla, our mission is to advance the human nutrition industry and we're laser-focused on solving problems in this space. Here are some of the problems we're trying to solve...

People have access to more services and products online than ever before. Startups and businesses like ours need to prove their worth to potential customers before they even think about trying a product or a service. This is because there are so many solutions out there for a specific task or problem and users are spoiled for choice.

As a customer, this is really good as having choice generally let's you find the product and service that helps you solve the problem you have at a better price and overall service. This is why it is so important for a business to specialize in an area where they solve a problem really well.

Before we dive into the details of why you should consider Foodzilla, we want to tell you about our mission and why we exist in the first place.

At Foodzilla, our mission is to advance the human nutrition industry and we're laser-focused on solving problems in this space. Here are some of these problems:

  1. - Nutrition coaching is hard. We want to make coaching and education easy for both regular folks and health professionals.
  2. - Nutrition data is scattered everywhere. We want to index the world's nutrition data into one search box. Think of how Google indexes the web, we're doing that for nutrition. Imagine being able to see and understand nutrition data for ingredients and foods from all over the world instantly. While Google provides access to USDA data, what about other countries and foods from different regions?
  3. - Developing a meal plan is time consuming. We reduce the time to develop a recipe and a meal plan by an order of magnitude (10x faster). As a professional, it means you spend way less time developing these meal plans and therefore increasing your revenue by taking on more clients, helping other businesses or just taking more time off.
  4. - Nutrition tracking is tedious and not fun. We use AI to make nutrition tracking quick, easy, and fun.
  5. - Nutrition software is not smart and not connected to other software you use on a daily basis making your work life less fun and less efficient.

If we successfully solve the above problems, we believe we can:

  1. 1. Reduce the barrier to entry for a good nutrition plan
  2. 2. Get more people access to nutritionists, dietitians and coaches
  3. 3. Reduce nutrition-related diseases and health conditions worldwide

According to the WHO, the rates of Type 2 diabetes are increasing worldwide, which may also contribute to the development of other conditions such as kidney and heart disease..

Obesity in New Zealand is very high and continues to increase year over year. According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health:

"New Zealand has the third highest adult obesity rate in the OECD, and our rates continue to increase. One in three adult New Zealanders (over 15 years) is classified as obese, and one in ten children."

Looking the stats above we asked ourselves this question:

"Considering the access to information and available data online, shouldn't nutrition related diseases decrease over time? why are they increasing instead?"

That's why we decided to build Foodzilla and solve the problems listed above which are contributing to this unfortunate metric of increasing obesity rates and health diseases worldwide.

Here's what makes Foodzilla stand on its own

1. Connected Platform

The Foodzilla platform is built from the ground-up to support connected internet apps and software integrations. Our mobile app for clients and our platform for professionals are both designed to connect to other apps and software.

Mobile App Integrations

Foodzilla mobile app already integrates with popular fitness apps such as Fitbit, Strava, Garmin and Polar to read exercise data points and plot them on charts for easier visualization of one's exercise patterns and calorie expenditure.

It also syncs nutrition data to a client's Fitbit and Apple Health profiles so clients are always up to date with changes in their nutrition regardless if they use our Foodzilla mobile app or not. This means users actually own their data and can use it with other apps. For example, they can show it to their doctor or send it to qualified hospitals and care facilities that integrate with Apple Health.

Platform Software Integrations

Foodzilla platform connects with practice management systems such as Cliniko and in the near future will connect to popular apps such as Acuity Scheduling, Google Sheets, Zoom and others through Zapier. If you're interested in these integrations and want to know as soon as they're available, signup here for free.

2. Faster Meal Planning and Delivery

The Foodzilla meal planner let's you create a meal plan within seconds by importing meals from templates and leveraging over 100,000 nutritionally calculated recipes.

Meal plans can be sent to your clients' phones instantly (through our mobile app), emailed to them as a PDF or printed on paper. You can also add a PDF link to the entire meal plan into the mobile app. Clients can see updates to these meal plans in real-time and talk to you about them.

3. Easier Nutrition Tracking with Food Intelligence

Thanks to our artificial intelligence technology, your clients can easily track nutrition by just taking pictures. We detect ingredients, estimate nutrition and send all this data to you as their coach. We're the first nutrition platform in the world to let you provide this experience to your clients. Once they try it, they won't go back to the old manual way.

Our AI is not a replacement for health professionals and is not designed in that way. It acts as an assistant and to make things easier for both you and your clients. The goal is to use AI to extract as much data as possible from a picture and send that to coaches to make the necessary suggestions and improvements to their clients.

Our research shows that people need guidance and support from health professionals to help them change their behavior and implement a better nutrition lifestyle. The human element and environmental aspects play a huge role in helping people transform their nutrition.

4. Custom Client App With Your Branding

Some of our clients want to provide a specific experience to their customers. Our mobile app is built out of modules and we are able to create a custom experience just for your clients.

For example, you can add new modules in our mobile app for your clients or remove existing ones. Here's a list of the modules we currently have (we're open to adding new modules based on your requirements as long as it is a fit with our mission and the design language):

  1. - Nutrition and macro nutrient Tracking (enabled by default)
  2. - Exercise Tracking (enabled by default)
  3. - Water Tracking (enabled by default)
  4. - Food Groups Tracking (enabled by default)
  5. - Ingredient Recognition by AI (enabled by default)
  6. - Recipes and Meal Plans (enabled by default)
  7. - Grocery Lists automatically generated from your Meal Plans
  8. - Education Articles Links - link to existing blog posts or create new blog posts for your clients
  9. - Promo Products Links - create your own promotional cards that can be inserted in the app for your clients
  10. - Live Chat (enabled by default)
  11. -Apply Your Own Brand Colors and Logo

Any of the modules above can be removed or modified to fit your clients and business needs. Talk to us if you're interested in new custom modules. We will only deliver quality modules that will improve the user experience.

10 Days Free Trial

If you're interested in trying Foodzilla (and we hope you are), then you can signup for a free 10 days trial. We hope to see you onboard.

If you have any questions or just want to know more, talk to us by clicking on the green button in bottom corner.

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