Automated Meal Plans

As a nutrition professional, you understand the critical importance of tailor-made meal plans that align with your clients' unique goals and dietary requirements. Introducing Foodzilla's Automated Meal Plans—a game-changing feature that empowers you to curate meticulously crafted plans in a matter of seconds, sparing you hours of meticulous work. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual planning and welcome a swift, automatic approach!

Precision Nutrition, Instantly Generated 

Imagine a tool that not only caters to calorie targets and micronutrient distribution but also adapts to the number of daily meals, duration, and even dietary exclusions. With a few simple inputs, you can curate meal plans that adhere to specific health and allergies tags, ensuring a seamless alignment with your clients' dietary preferences.

Key Features:

  1. 1. Personalized Nutrition Goals: Specify your clients' daily calorie and micronutrient requirements, including protein, fat, and carbohydrates, to formulate plans that promote optimal health.

  2. 2. Customized Meal Frequencies: Tailor meal plans to your clients' lifestyle by selecting the number of meals per day, along with the desired span of days, ensuring seamless integration.ensuring a harmonious fit.

  3. 3. Exclusions and Preferences: Address dietary sensitivities with ease. Exclude specific ingredients like garlic or incorporate health and allergy tags, such as gluten-free, to ensure plans cater precisely to your clients' needs.

  4. 4. Nutrient-Focused Plans: Optimize meal plans for specific nutritional focuses, such as high-fiber diets, with our dynamic nutrient targeting feature.


Time-Effective Magic

Our Automated Meal Plans feature transforms the complex task of meal planning into a seamless process. By leveraging our advanced algorithm, you can generate personalized plans in a second. This revolutionary tool combines precision with speed, granting you the freedom to devote more time to what truly matters—guiding your clients toward their wellness aspirations.


Exclusively on Foodzilla: The Future of Nutrition Planning

This revolutionary tool is an exclusive offering available solely on Foodzilla. Embrace a new era of efficiency and personalization as you navigate the intricacies of meal planning effortlessly. Your expertise combined with Foodzilla's technology is a game-changer in the world of nutrition coaching.

Ready to level-up?

Create meal plans 10x faster, follow up with your clients through our mobile app, and never struggle with meal planning or recipe management again.