Automated Templates

Nutrition planning just got a whole lot smarter with Foodzilla's unique feature: Auto-Generated Meal Plan Templates. Nutrition professionals know that crafting tailored meal plans for clients demands careful consideration of individual dietary requirements, health goals, and personal preferences. Yet, this essential task can be time-consuming. Our platform takes the hassle out of meal planning by allowing nutrition professionals to auto-generate personalized meal plan templates tailored to their clients' unique dietary needs. 

The Magic of Auto-Generation

In a few simple steps, you can effortlessly generate meal plan templates that perfectly match your clients' specific requirements. Whether it's caloric goals, macronutrient ratios, meal frequency, or dietary preferences, Foodzilla has your back. This cutting-edge functionality is engineered to optimize your efficiency while delivering top-tier nutrition planning services. It enables you to provide personalized meal plans swiftly, elevating your clients' experience and bolstering their commitment to achieving their nutritional goals.


How Auto-Generated Meal Plan Templates Work

No more manual, time-consuming meal plan creation. Foodzilla's auto-generated templates cut down planning time significantly, allowing you to focus on the finer details. Here's a glimpse into how this feature operates:

  1. Set Parameters: Begin by specifying your client's nutrition requirements, including daily caloric goals, and macronutrient targets (protein, fat, carbohydrates).

  2. Choose Meals per Day: Select the number of meals your client prefers to have daily, whether it's three square meals or more frequent, smaller servings.

  3. Set Plan Length: Determine the desired duration of the meal plan template. Whether it's a 5-day, or 7-day plan, Foodzilla's flexibility accommodates various preferences.

  4. Dietary Preferences: Cater to specific diets, such as ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, or any other dietary style, by selecting the appropriate options.

  5. Ingredient Exclusions: Exclude ingredients that your client needs to avoid, ensuring the meal plan aligns with their dietary requirements and preferences.

  6. Generate Your Template: With all criteria in place, let Foodzilla work its magic. In mere seconds, your auto-generated meal plan template is ready for use.


Maximize Efficiency with Reusable Templates

Once you've created these tailored meal plan templates, you can save them for future use. This means that the time invested in crafting the perfect plan for one client can be leveraged to benefit others with similar needs. This feature is especially valuable for clients with similar dietary requirements, such as those following specific diets or having common allergies. Simply select the template that suits your client's requirements, make any necessary adjustments, and you're ready to go.


Exclusively Available on Foodzilla

Foodzilla is committed to providing cutting-edge tools for nutrition professionals, and our auto-generate meal plan templates feature is no exception. We understand the challenges faced by nutrition professionals and have designed this tool to streamline your meal planning process, allowing you to deliver exceptional nutrition services while saving time.


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