Comprehensive Client Registration

At Foodzilla, we understand that client registration should be a streamlined process, giving you full control to manage your client base effectively. Our platform now allows coaches to register their clients directly, ensuring all necessary information is captured accurately from the start.

Register Clients with Detailed Information

Coaches can now register clients by entering detailed body measurements, including gender, age, height, weight, physical activity level, and goals. This information ensures precise calculation of nutrition goals using the Harris-Benedict formula, based on inputs from body metrics, BMR, PAL, and health goals. You have the option to input this information in either metric or imperial units and can switch between them on the Preferences page. Additionally, if preferred, nutrition goals (energy in and out, daily total fat, carbs, protein, and fiber intake) can be manually input. All body measurements and nutrition goals can be edited later as needed.



Adding and Removing Clients

Our platform not only simplifies registration but also offers efficient client management tools. You can add new clients to your roster or remove clients as needed, keeping your client list up-to-date and focused on active engagements.


Key Features

  1. 1. Comprehensive Registration: Coaches enter all necessary body measurements and nutrition goals to ensure accurate calculations.
  2. 2. Accurate Nutrition Goals: Automatically calculated using the Harris-Benedict formula, based on body metrics and health goals.
  3. 3. Metric and Imperial Units: Switch between units easily from your Preferences page for convenience.
  4. 4. Editable Information: All body measurements and nutrition goals can be edited later to accommodate changes.
  5. 5. Email Invitations: Send email invitations to clients, including information about the Foodzilla app to facilitate the onboarding process.
  6. 6. Direct Client Management: Add or remove clients directly, maintaining an organized and efficient practice.


Why Choose Our Client Registration?

1. Tailored for Nutrition Professionals:

Our client registration process is designed to meet the specific needs of nutrition professionals, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data collection from the start.

2. Enhanced Practice Efficiency:

By streamlining the registration process, our platform allows you to focus on delivering exceptional nutrition services, freeing you from administrative tasks. With accurate client data, you can provide more personalized and effective nutrition plans, improving client satisfaction and outcomes.


Precision and Efficiency for Your Practice

Client registration is a critical step in your nutrition practice. With Foodzilla, you can ensure each client is registered with all the necessary information, making the onboarding process seamless and efficient. We're here to support your practice and enhance the client experience by providing tools that save time and improve accuracy.

For more details on how to use these features, visit our Meal Planning Features page .

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