Instant Sharing

In the fast-paced world of nutrition coaching, effective communication is key. Your clients rely on your expertise to guide them toward their health and wellness goals. That's why Foodzilla's Instant Sharing feature is your ideal companion, ensuring that your meal plans and crucial updates are transmitted seamlessly to your clients through our mobile app or email, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing their journey to better health.

Real-Time Client Engagement

Imagine creating a tailored meal plan for your client, fine-tuning it to perfection, and then with a simple click, instantly sharing it through our mobile app. With Instant Sharing, your clients receive the meal plan in real-time, allowing them to stay engaged, motivated, and informed about their nutritional journey.


Immediate Updates, Zero Delays

The nutritional landscape is dynamic, and adjustments may be needed on the fly. Instant Sharing ensures that any changes or updates you make to a meal plan are immediately reflected on your clients' end. There's no need to send revised plans separately or deal with version control headaches. Your clients are always in sync with the latest, most accurate meal plan.


Enhanced Client Engagement

Timely access to meal plans enhances your clients' commitment and engagement. They can view what's on their plate for the week ahead, understand the nutritional value of each meal, and prepare accordingly. This transparency fosters trust and empowers your clients to make informed dietary choices.


How It Works

  1. 1. Craft Your Meal Plan: Create a meal plan tailored to your client's unique needs and goals within Foodzilla's user-friendly platform.

  2. 2. Instant Sharing: With a click of a button, send the meal plan directly to your client's mobile app or email.

  3. 3. Real-Time Updates: Make any necessary adjustments or updates to the meal plan. Your clients receive these changes instantly.

  4. 4. Enhanced Engagement: Keep your clients motivated and informed, empowering them to stay on track with their health and nutrition goals.

  5. 5. Simplicity in Communication: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual emails, attachments, or paperwork—share meal plans effortlessly in a digital, eco-friendly manner.


Effortless Email Sharing

In addition to real-time sharing through our mobile app, Foodzilla offers the convenience of email sharing with just a single click. Delivering meal plans to your clients' inboxes is now as straightforward as it gets, further enhancing your ability to connect and collaborate seamlessly.


Unlock the Potential of Instant Sharing

Effortlessly enhance your client communication and engagement with Foodzilla's Instant Sharing feature. Experience the convenience of real-time meal plan delivery and updates, empowering your clients to stay on track with their nutritional goals. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual distribution and hello to a streamlined, efficient nutrition coaching journey. Instant Sharing is your gateway to responsive, informed, and satisfied clients.

Ready to level-up?

Create meal plans 10x faster, follow up with your clients through our mobile app, and never struggle with meal planning or recipe management again.