Mobile App Personalization

Foodzilla is not just another nutrition app; it's a personalized nutrition platform that allows you to tailor the mobile app experience for your clients. Every feature of our platform is designed with customization in mind, ensuring that you can meet your clients' unique needs and preferences seamlessly.

Why Customize the Mobile App?

You might wonder why app customization is important and what benefits it offers. Let's explore some real-world scenarios:

  1. 1. Sensitive Clients: Imagine being able to hide calorie and nutrition information from the app for clients who are struggling with eating disorders. This level of sensitivity and customization can make a world of difference in their journey to wellness.
  2. 2. Athletes and Busy Individuals: Managing athletes or busy individuals who prioritize tracking food or exercises alone becomes a breeze. Remove the clutter and focus on what matters most to them.
  3. 3. Simplified Tracking: Some clients might benefit more from a simplified view that highlights the groups of food they're consuming without overwhelming them with detailed nutrition data. 
  4. 4. Communication-Focused: Perhaps you want to offer the app primarily as a communication and messaging platform, without the emphasis on tracking food and exercises. 
  5. 5. Unique Client Needs: Here's the true power of customization: you can do all the above and more for different clients, ensuring that each individual receives precisely the features and support they require.


How to Customize: A User-Friendly Process

Customizing the mobile app for your clients is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. 1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your dashboard on the Foodzilla platform.

  2. 2. Choose Your Client: Select the specific client you wish to customize the app for.

  3. 3. Access More Options: Click on "More Options" in the client's profile.

  4. 4. Customize the App Experience: Within the expanded menu, select "App Experience." Here, you'll find a list of features that can be enabled or disabled for that client.

  5. 5. Select Your Preferences: Choose the features you'd like to hide or display based on your client's needs and preferences.

  6. 6. Save Your Changes: Click the "Save" button to apply your customizations. The client's mobile app will instantly update to reflect your changes in real-time.

We also provide descriptions and previews of each feature, so you can make informed decisions about how your customizations will impact the user experience. It's a user-friendly process that empowers you to fine-tune the app for each client's unique journey.


What Can You Customize?

With Foodzilla, you have the power to tailor various features for your clients, including:

  • - Access to meal plans
  • - Calorie and nutrient information visibility
  • - Access to recipes and recipe search
  • - Availability of macros and nutrients data
  • - Messaging capabilities
  • - Insights tab
  • - Support links
  • - Display of food groups
  • - Energy out and exercise tracking
  • - Water intake tracking
  • - Health labels for meal analysis
  • - App connections for fitness device syncing

The level of personalization you can achieve with Foodzilla is unparalleled in the market. We invite you to explore this feature, tailor it to your clients' unique needs, and experience the transformation it brings to your nutrition practice.


We Value Your Feedback

As you explore the world of app customization within Foodzilla, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Our support team is always ready to assist you. Simply click on the green chat bubble to reach out.


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