Notes & Files

We understand that keeping track of client notes and sharing important documents is a crucial aspect of your practice. That's why we've introduced the Notes & Files feature into our platform, enabling you to create, share, and attach important notes and documents to your client's record. In this article, we'll explore how you can create, share, and manage notes, as well as attach files and documents to your client's records, highlighting how it can elevate your nutrition practice.

Creating and Managing Notes

Notes are invaluable tools for tracking client progress, sharing information, and fostering collaboration. With Foodzilla, you can create shareable notes that can be either private or accessible to your clients, ensuring a tailored approach to communication. Here are the key features of notes:

  1. 1. Privacy Options
    Maintain confidentiality by choosing whether a note is private (visible only to you) or shareable with your clients.

  2. 2. Real-Time Sharing
    Notes are shared instantly with clients through the mobile app, facilitating prompt communication.

  3. 3. Seamless Collaboration
    Our mobile app allows your clients to share notes and data with you, promoting active engagement and fostering a sense of collaboration. Receive client-shared notes and data almost instantly through our platform, enabling you to provide timely responses and support.

  4. 4. Attach Files/Documents
    Beyond notes, our platform enables you to attach files and documents of up to 100MB in size to your client's record. This feature is invaluable for securely storing essential documents like meal plans, research papers, or medical reports, ensuring everything you need is readily accessible.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

The Notes & Files feature in Foodzilla is more than just a way to document information; it's a comprehensive tool for fostering communication and collaboration. Whether you need to create private notes for internal use or share vital resources with your clients, our platform simplifies the process.

By empowering you with efficient communication tools, we aim to enhance your ability to provide personalized nutrition guidance and ensure that your clients have access to the information they need for success.

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