Online Booking: Seamless Scheduling

At Foodzilla, we're committed to empowering health professionals with tools that simplify and enhance their practice. Our Booking Feature is designed to do just that. This robust feature integrates seamlessly into your workflow, making client scheduling, payments, and management easier than ever before. Discover how this new capability can transform your professional life!

Key Features of Our Booking System

1. Customizable Booking Options

Take full control of your schedule by setting specific availability, locations, and durations for each booking type. Whether you offer in-person sessions, online consultations, or phone calls, our feature allows you to customize every aspect of your appointments. This flexibility ensures that your schedule aligns perfectly with your professional and personal commitments.


2. Effortless Payments

Integrating Stripe with our booking system, we’ve made collecting payments straightforward and secure. This feature ensures:

  • Clients confirm their appointments by making a payment upfront.
  • Reduced no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  • A smooth and professional transaction process, giving both you and your clients peace of mind.
  • 3. Availability Management

    Effortlessly manage your schedule with our availability management and comprehensive calendar integration feature. Customize your schedule for each service type, adjust for time zones, and ensure that your clients can book appointments when you’re free. By connecting your existing calendars with Foodzilla Booking, you can:

  • Sync with Popular Calendar Platforms: Avoid double bookings and keep all your appointments in one place.
  • View Scheduled Appointments at a Glance: Easily see all your bookings, making it simple to stay organized.
  • Prevent Overbooking: Keep your schedule organized and balanced by setting limits and managing availability to avoid meeting overload.
  • 4. A Tailored Booking Link

    Create a personalized booking link that reflects your brand, enhancing your professional image. Share this unique link on your website, social media, or through email to direct clients to your customized booking page. Simplify the booking process, boost engagement, and increase client satisfaction with this streamlined and professional touch.


    5.  App Store Integration

    Enhance your booking system by integrating with other services through our app store. Connect with various third-party apps to further customize and optimize your scheduling and client management processes.

    6. Avoid Meeting Overload

    Prevent burnout and maintain a balanced schedule with our advanced scheduling controls:

  • Limit Overbooking: Set daily or weekly limits to avoid an overwhelming number of appointments.
  • Buffers: Add buffer times before and after meetings to give yourself breathing room and preparation time.
  • Minimum Notice Periods: Establish minimum notice periods for bookings to prevent last-minute surprises and ensure you're always prepared.
  • 7. Custom Questions

    Tailor your booking process to gather the information you need from clients upfront. With custom questions, you can:

  • Collect specific details relevant to each appointment.
  • Ensure you’re fully prepared for every meeting.
  • Customize questions based on the type of service, making your intake process seamless and efficient.
  • foodzilla-booking

    8. Video Conferencing

    Easily set up and manage video conferences through our platform. Integrated video conferencing tools allow you to conduct virtual appointments smoothly, providing flexibility for both you and your clients.

    9. Embeds

    With Foodzilla Booking, embedding your booking link into your website is effortless. Customize the style and choose from inline, button, or pop-up formats—all without coding. See the example below and at the bottom left of this page.



    Why Choose Foodzilla’s Booking Feature?

    At Foodzilla, we’re dedicated to equipping you with the essential tools for success. Our new booking feature is crafted to save you time, alleviate stress, and let you concentrate on what you do best—delivering outstanding service to your clients.

    • 💳️ Integrated Payments:

      Simplify your financial transactions with secure, integrated Stripe payments.
    • 🗓️ Customizable Schedules:

      Flexibly manage your availability and service durations to suit your practice.
    • 👥 Client Management:

      Effortlessly handle multiple bookings, including group sessions, with our user-friendly system.
    • 👩🏼‍💻 Enhanced Efficiency:

      Spend less time managing appointments and more time focusing on your clients.
    • 🖥️ User-Friendly Interface:

      Our booking system is designed with your clients in mind. The intuitive interface makes it easy for them to navigate, select services, book appointments, and make payments—all in a few simple steps.
    • 🤓 Personalized Client Interactions:

      Offer a professional, streamlined booking process that enhances client satisfaction and loyalty. With our detailed booking forms, you can gather essential information beforehand, ensuring each session is tailored to your client’s specific needs.

    Explore the new booking feature today on Foodzilla and transform the way you manage your appointments.


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