Recipe Personalization with Custom Labels

In the dynamic world of nutrition coaching, precision and customization are paramount. Foodzilla understands this need implicitly, introducing the Custom Labels feature – a sophisticated tool designed for nutrition professionals seeking to enhance the tailored experience for their clients.

custom labels

Tailored Tags for Your Culinary Creations 

At the heart of effective coaching lies the ability to communicate with clarity and specificity. Foodzilla's Custom Labels feature empowers you to create your own labels for a recipe, offering clients a deeper understanding of the nutritional essence behind each dish. Tailor your labels to encapsulate dietary preferences, health goals, or special attributes, fostering a seamless connection between your expertise and your clients' needs.


Empowering Client Engagement 

The Custom Labels feature extends beyond mere labeling; it enhances accessibility. Your clients can effortlessly search for recipes using these meticulously crafted tags, both on the Foodzilla platform and through our mobile app. This synergy fosters engagement, knowledge-sharing, and a deeper connection between your expertise and your clients' well-being.


Experience the Custom Labels Advantage

Foodzilla's commitment to innovation extends to every facet of nutrition coaching. The Custom Labels feature is a testament to this commitment, fostering engagement, personalization, and efficiency in a single interface. Elevate your coaching practice with a tool that not only transforms your recipes but also enriches the connection between you and your clients. Welcome to the era of personalized excellence with Foodzilla.

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