Role-Based Access

Successful teamwork hinges on effective collaboration and streamlined processes. Foodzilla's role-based access system empowers teams with structured, secure, and tailored access levels, allowing each member to contribute effectively. Let's delve into the three key roles that define access and responsibilities within your team.


Collaborative Ecosystem

1. Admins: The team's foundational pillars, Admins are often the first individuals to create an account and establish the team. Admins possess exclusive privileges and responsibilities, making them pivotal in managing team dynamics. 

Admins are capable of performing a range of essential functions, including:

  • Inviting other team members and removing others
  • Sharing recipes and meal plan templates with team members
  • Accessing chat history of team's clients
  • Accessing the team's clients, along with their records, meal plans, and nutrition data
  • Re-assigning clients to different team members (coming soon)
  • Upgrading and downgrading plans
  • Updating company details

Admins are the backbone of your team, ensuring that processes run smoothly and your collective efforts are channeled effectively. 

2. Contributors: These team members hold a key role in your collaborative efforts. With the ability to share recipes, foods, and meal plan templates with the entire team, contributors are the driving force behind building a shared repository of invaluable resources. Their actions facilitate knowledge exchange and collective growth, ultimately benefiting your clients.

3. Members: Members play a vital role in the collaborative ecosystem. They have the privilege of accessing shared recipes, foods, and templates contributed by their peers. Furthermore, members enjoy the creative freedom to craft their own recipes, foods, and templates, although these remain within their personal domain and aren't shared with the entire team. 


Fostering Team Synergy

Incorporating role-based access in Foodzilla elevates your team's collaborative potential. It allows every member to contribute meaningfully, fostering a rich environment of knowledge sharing and creative exploration. With contributors, members, and admins working in synergy, you're poised to provide top-notch nutrition services and achieve remarkable results for your clients.

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