Secure Messaging

In the digital age, maintaining privacy and security in client communication is paramount, especially in the field of nutrition and wellness. At Foodzilla, we understand the importance of keeping your interactions with clients confidential and protected. That's why we've integrated a secure messaging feature into our platform that allows you to communicate privately with clients without the need for external tools or concerns about data security. 

What Is Secure Messaging?

Secure Messaging within our platform provides a safe and private channel for you to communicate directly with your clients. Unlike messenger apps or email, which may compromise privacy and security, Secure Messaging guarantees that your conversations remain confidential and protected.

Here's why Secure Messaging is the ideal choice:

  1. 1. No Personal Information Sharing: You won't need to share your private phone number or email address with clients. Your communication remains within the platform, preserving your personal information.

  2. 2. End-to-End Encryption: We prioritize data security by encrypting messages both in transit and at rest. This level of protection ensures that your clients' sensitive information remains confidential.
  3. 3. No Data Giveaway: Unlike social media apps that often monetize your data, Secure Messaging ensures that your messages are private and not subject to prying eyes or data mining.


Real-Time Delivery: Instant Communication

Secure Messaging offers a real-time communication experience, allowing you to stay connected with your clients without delays. Here's how it works:

  1. - Push Notifications: When you send a message to your client, they receive an instant push notification through our app, alerting them to the message's arrival. Clients can choose to respond immediately or at their convenience. The message history is readily available, enabling you to view older messages for context.

  2. - Web Push Notifications: As a nutrition professional, you'll receive web push notifications (if you've enabled this permission) when a message is delivered to you. This ensures that you can promptly attend to your clients' needs.


Supported Message Types: Variety to Suit Your Needs

We understand that effective communication often requires more than just words. Our messaging system currently supports a variety of message types to cater to different communication needs: Text, Links, Emojis, Videos, Documents, and Images.


A Private and Efficient Connection

With Secure Messaging by Foodzilla, you can communicate with your clients confidentially, securely, and without the need for external tools. Our platform prioritizes data security, ensuring that your interactions remain private and protected. Whether it's text, links, emojis, or images, our Secure Messaging supports various message types to facilitate effective communication. Stay focused on what matters – guiding your clients toward better health – while we take care of the security and privacy of your conversations.

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