Setting Nutrition Goals

In the world of nutrition and wellness, setting and achieving personalized goals is the foundation of success. We recognize the importance of tailoring nutrition plans to meet individual needs, and that's why we've made it incredibly easy to set comprehensive nutrition goals using our Foodzilla platform. From weight and body fat goals to daily nutrient targets and serving sizes, you can tailor goals to meet your clients' specific needs, ensuring they have the guidance and motivation they need to succeed.

Comprehensive Goal Setting

Foodzilla offers a comprehensive suite of goal-setting options, allowing you to customize your client's nutrition journey down to the finest detail. You can set goals for:

  • - Weight Goal: Helping clients achieve their desired weight.
  • - Body Fat Goal: Aiming for a specific body fat percentage.
  • - Daily Step Goal: Encouraging physical activity with step targets.
  • - Daily Energy/Calories In & Out: Managing calorie intake and expenditure.
  • - Daily Fat, Carb, Protein, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Water, and Sugar Intake: Monitoring and optimizing nutrient consumption.

Serving Size Goals: Precise Portion Control

Foodzilla goes beyond macronutrients and micronutrients by allowing you to set serving size goals for specific food categories. This feature enables you to refine nutrition plans by specifying serving sizes for:

  • - Bread and Cereal
  • - Vegetables
  • - Milk and Dairy
  • - Fruits
  • - Meat and Alternatives


Custom Health Goals

Our platform also allows you to add broader health goals that encompass various aspects of nutrition. These can include goals related to managing specific health conditions, avoid junk food, look and feel younger, and more. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to clients with diverse health and wellness objectives.


Real-Time Updates: Stay Connected with Your Clients

One of the standout features of Foodzilla is its ability to update goals in real-time. Whenever you make adjustments within the platform, whether it's modifying calorie targets, adjusting nutrient goals, or revising serving size recommendations, the changes are reflected instantly in your client's app. There's no need for them to reopen the app or wait for updates—it happens seamlessly and almost instantly.


Personalized Nutrition, Real-Time Progress

Our platform offers a versatile and real-time goal-setting system, covering everything from weight management to micronutrient intake. With our Health Goals feature, you can monitor progress and make adjustments on the fly, fostering a deeper level of client engagement and success.

Ready to level-up?

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