Revolutionizing Your Recipe Sharing: Customizable PDF Generation

In the realm of nutrition coaching, embracing versatility is paramount. Clients' preferences vary – some lean towards tangible recipe printouts, while others embrace the digital world. At Foodzilla, we comprehend these nuances and are thrilled to unveil our adaptable PDF recipe generation feature, designed to cater precisely to the diverse tastes of nutrition coaches like you.


Unveiling the Power of Personalization

Bid farewell to static PDFs that demand meticulous edits at every alteration. Our cutting-edge solution empowers you to personalize your recipe distribution in ways that transcend the ordinary. Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable range of customizations at your fingertips:

  1. Authorship Flexibility: Craft your recipe PDFs with precision by choosing whether to display your author name and website in the footer. This level of personalization ensures that each PDF carries your unique touch, fostering a stronger connection with your clients.

  2. Nutrient Insight Customization: We recognize that different occasions call for different levels of nutritional insight. With Foodzilla, you're empowered to showcase all nutrients, focus solely on macros, or even omit data entirely. This adaptability ensures that each PDF aligns perfectly with the context of its use.

  3. Palette of Accent Tones: Your brand is an extension of your identity. Choose from a spectrum of accent colors – including vibrant shades like pink, orange, purple, and blue – to infuse your PDFs with an aesthetic charm that echoes your unique vision.

  4. Secure PDFs with Encryption: Protect your recipes and meal plans with an extra layer of security. Enable password encryption for your PDFs, ensuring that only the intended recipients have access to your gastronomic treasures.

recipe pdf


Efficiency Meets Elegance: Craft PDFs with Ease

Embracing this feature doesn't just simplify recipe distribution; it elevates your coaching journey. Whether you're creating PDFs for a handful of recipes or crafting comprehensive meal plans, the process is seamlessly streamlined. Imagine generating PDFs for up to 100 recipes in just a minute – all while the nutritional calculations adjust harmoniously with each ingredient tweak.


Your Distinct Recipe Distribution Experience

At Foodzilla, we empower you to present your culinary wisdom in the manner that resonates best with each client. Be it the tactile joy of printed recipes or the convenience of a mobile app, our feature bridges these preferences seamlessly. Every printable PDF is meticulously designed, adorned with recipe imagery, ingredient lists, and cooking instructions. Your brand's signature seamlessly integrates, ensuring a cohesive experience from cover to footer.


More than PDFs: The Web Link Advantage

But that's not all. Foodzilla goes beyond traditional PDFs. You also have the option to create a PDF web link—a versatile alternative that allows you to effortlessly share your recipes with a wider digital audience. Now, your creations can reach those who prefer exploring recipes directly on the web.


Curious to dive in?

Here's how to create your customizable PDF recipe:

  1. 1. Select a recipe from the "My Recipes" tab.
  2. 2. Click on "Export as PDF".
  3. 3. Customize your PDF display format. 
  4. 4. Confirm your choice by clicking "Download PDF" or "Create PDF Web Link".

Unlock the potential of bespoke recipe distribution with Foodzilla – where your nutritional insights meet technological ingenuity, ushering in a new era of coaching excellence.

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