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Hosting a party or a gathering soon? Whether it's a birthday bash, a holiday get-together, or a simple weekend hangout, Costco's extensive array of party food options ensures that your guests leave with full bellies and happy hearts. From appetizers to main courses, and from desserts to beverages, you’ll find an array of offerings that can make your gathering not only flavorful but also cost-efficient. Let’s take a closer look at the plethora of options available.


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Appetizing Starters and Snacks

Costco is renowned for its diverse selection of appetizers, perfect to get your party off to a scrumptious start. Whether you're hosting a casual gathering or a more formal event, you'll find a range of options such as:

  • - Mini Quiches and Spring Rolls: Ideal for light and easy-to-eat starters.
  • - Dips and Chips: A classic crowd-pleaser, with a variety of flavors and textures.
  • - Shrimp Cocktail: Costco’s shrimp cocktail platters, complete with tangy cocktail sauce, can give a touch of elegance to your party.
  • - Cheese and Charcuterie: With a wide variety of cheeses and meats available, you can assemble your own charcuterie board or opt for their pre-assembled options.
  • - Prepared Salads: From pasta salads to green salads, these are readily available to save time and add a fresh element to the meal.


Bulk Buys for Main Courses

One of the most alluring aspects of shopping at Costco is the availability of items in bulk. When it comes to feeding a crowd, larger packages can be both economical and efficient. Consider these bulk buy options for your party:

  • - Rotisserie Chicken: A versatile option, Costco’s famed rotisserie chicken can be served as-is or shredded for use in salads, sandwiches, or pasta.
  • - Pizza: Available in different flavors and sizes, Costco pizzas are a hit among party-goers, offering a filling and tasty main dish.
  • - Lasagna: Hearty and filling, Costco's lasagna, whether meat or vegetarian, serves several guests and pairs well with a simple salad.
  • - Sandwich Platters: With a mix of meats, veggies, and condiments, these are perfect for a light meal or a daytime event. 


Sweet Treats to Complete the Feast

No party is complete without a little something sweet! Costco’s bakery section provides a decadent array of desserts that are not only delicious but also incredibly convenient for hosts:

  • - Sheet Cakes: Available in a variety of flavors and customizable designs, they’re perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and more.
  • - Tiramisu: This Italian favorite, with its layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone, will surely impress.
  • - Pies: Depending on the season, you might find pumpkin pies, apple pies, or berry pies, all equally delectable.
  • - Cheesecake: Rich and creamy, this dessert is a luxurious treat that's always a hit.
  • - Cookies and Pastries: Various cookies, brownies, and pastries in bulk provide sweet endings to your party feast without breaking the bank.
  • - Frozen Desserts: Think beyond the cake with a selection of ice creams and other frozen treats.
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Healthy and Dietary Options

In today’s diverse dietary landscape, ensuring that there are options available for guests with specific dietary requirements or preferences is important. Costco offers a selection of:

  • - Vegan and Vegetarian Options: Such as salads, veggie platters, and plant-based alternatives.
  • - Gluten-Free Choices: Including snacks, desserts, and main dishes that avoid gluten.
  • Organic Products: For those who prefer food products that are free from certain pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.


Drinks for All

Don't forget the beverages! Costco provides a plethora of drink options suitable for all ages:

  • - Soft Drinks and Juices: Available in bulk, ensuring you won’t run out mid-celebration.
  • - Alcoholic Options: Costco offers a broad selection of alcoholic beverages in various price ranges.
  • - Coffees and Teas: Great for providing a warm, comforting option.


Catering Options

For those looking for even more convenience, Costco offers an array of catering options, from sandwich platters to burger kits, providing everything you need in one easy package.


Tips for Shopping Party Food at Costco

  • 1. Know Your Audience: If you're aware of dietary restrictions or preferences (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.), plan accordingly.
  • 2. Stay Prepared: Always buy a little extra, especially for a larger gathering. It's better to have leftovers than to run out during the party.
  • 3. Consider Storage: Ensure you have enough fridge and freezer space for items that need to be stored prior to the party.
  • 4. Presentation Matters: Consider how you'll present these items – perhaps investing in some serving platters or disposable plates from Costco too!



Costco provides a one-stop solution for party food, offering a range that is both high in quality and vast in variety. Whether you’re looking for gourmet appetizers, classic favorites, or dietary-specific options, this wholesale retailer has something to suit every occasion. Be sure to explore their offerings thoroughly to craft a menu that will leave your guests raving. Availability of specific items might vary by location. Ensure to check your local Costco's offerings online or visit in-store for the most accurate and updated selection.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes and does not represent any official communication or endorsement from Costco Wholesale Corporation. Always check with your local Costco store or their official website for accurate and updated information regarding products and services.


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