Internet asks: "Why do Bananas give me heartburn?"

Because bananas are low in acid, they are occasionally advised as a fruit that can help prevent acid reflux. However, you should be aware that mature bananas have a pH of 5, making them a "mildly acidic fruit." As a result, if consumed on an empty stomach or in excessive quantities, bananas may produce acid reflux, which causes heartburn.

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Another way a banana might create heartburn is if it is not yet ripe when you eat it. This might set off a chain reaction in your body, resulting in acid reflux.

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Can I get enough potassium from other foods?

Yes, here is a list of foods with enough potassium if bananas are your trigger food: Avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, edamame, and broccoli.

Why are bananas hard to digest?

One of the reasons for this is their high potassium content, which makes bananas difficult to digest. As a result, the stomach must work harder and create more gastric acid.


As a result, the more gastric acid the stomach contains, the more severe the sensations of heartburn you may encounter.

Having stated that, there is only one solution to this problem. If you prefer bananas, even if you suffer from acid reflux, choose ripe yellow bananas over green types.

What are bananas good for?

Bananas are high in nutrients and include several minerals and vitamins. They're notably high in vitamin C, delivering around 17% of your daily recommended value for this mineral.

Vitamin C is essential for tissue and cell growth, development, and repair. It also boosts your immune system, aids in wound healing, and keeps your skin healthy.

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