Effortlessly Import a Multitude of Recipes using CSV

Efficiency is key in the world of nutrition coaching, where time is precious and client needs are diverse. To cater to your dynamic requirements, Foodzilla introduces a hassle-free recipe import feature using CSV files – a tool crafted to elevate your culinary journey and optimize your workflow. Here's how to seamlessly incorporate a plethora of recipes into your Foodzilla arsenal:

import recipes

1. Download Our CSV Template

Begin by acquiring our designated CSV template file, providing the foundation for organizing your recipe data effectively. 


2. Craft Your CSV File

 Dive into the CSV file preparation process. The fields outlined below ensure precise recipe import, with the "Title" and "Ingredients" fields being mandatory. Here's what each field does:

Field Name Description Example
Title Recipe's title Chicken Soup
TotalCalories Total calories (KCal) 450
Servings Total servings 6
CookingAndPrepTime Total prep and cook time (minutes) 30
TotalWeight Total recipe weight (grams) 75
TotalFat Total fat (grams) 32.5
TotalSodium Total sodium (mg) 13
TotalProtein Total protein (grams) 35
TotalFiber Total fiber (grams) 5
TotalCarbs Total carbohydrates (grams) 35
Ingredients Ingredient list (format: name, quantity, unit)

Green Apple 1 Serving, Cauliflower 1 Bunch

🔴 Wrong Examples:
1 Green Apple, 1 Orange

This example is wrong because the quantity comes before the ingredient name.

CookingSteps Cooking directions (multiple steps) Sauté the olive oil, garlic, and onion...
DietLabels Diet labels (separated by commas) No Sugar, No Added Oil
Author Recipe author's name Jane Doe
RecipeWebsite Recipe's website link (starting with https) https://foodzilla.io
SuitableFor Recipe's suitable category/meal type Breakfast
HealthLabels Health labels (separated by commas) Balanced
CookingTips Cooking tips You can swap Potato with Kumara.
Description Recipe description This recipe is easy to follow...

Note: Remember, field names must remain unchanged, and no new fields should be added.


3. Import Recipes

Once your CSV file is ready, navigate to the "Recipes" tab and select "Import Recipes." Follow these steps:

       a. Choose your prepared CSV file.

       b. Click "Import Recipes".


4. View Your Imported Recipes

 Upon successful import, a popup notification will display the number of recipes imported. You can access them from "Recipes" -> "My Recipes"


Efficiency in Action: Import Hundreds of Recipes Swiftly

The CSV import feature streamlines your recipe management, enabling you to effortlessly integrate numerous recipes into your Foodzilla repertoire. No longer will you spend endless hours on manual entries – in a matter of moments, your recipe collection flourishes.

Should you require assistance, our dedicated support team is readily available to aid you on your culinary journey.


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