What Is A Recipe Builder?

Optimize meal planning with Foodzilla's Recipe Builder, featuring automatic nutrition calculations, extensive ingredient options, easy customization, and over 100,000 recipes for efficient and creative cooking.

Foodzilla team are amazing and have a really great product/service on their hands! They are going to make waves around the world as the next best meal management mobile app out there.

— Rae K. (RDN - United States)

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Efficient Recipe Creation with Foodzilla

Struggling with the time-consuming task of recipe development? Foodzilla's Recipe Builder is here to streamline your experience. This tool simplifies your recipe creation, offering automated nutrition calculations and detailed macro breakdowns for each serving. It enhances your recipes with options to add health labels, custom labels, custom foods, and cooking instructions.

Crafting the ideal recipe for your clients is crucial, yet it can often be a lengthy process. With Foodzilla's recipe builder, you not only save valuable time but also transform recipe creation into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to culinary efficiency.

Recipe Mastery with Custom and Database Ingredients

Take your recipe creation to the next level with Foodzilla's advanced Recipe Builder. This tool allows for the incorporation of both bespoke, custom ingredients and those sourced from extensive food databases.

As you select ingredients, the nutritional content is effortlessly calculated, starting with a standard 100g measurement. For added precision, other units like cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, and pinches are readily available, ensuring your recipes meet professional standards with ease.

Connect with Global Food Databases

With Foodzilla, gain access to a vast array of global food databases, including those from New Zealand (FSANZ), Australia (FSANZ, NUTTAB), the United Kingdom (CoFID), and the United States (USDA), along with top wholefood suppliers. You're not limited to our resources; feel free to create your own database or import ingredients via CSV. This flexibility guarantees the precision and authenticity of every recipe you craft.


Professional Recipe Software

Transform the way you create and manage recipes with Foodzilla's professional recipe software. This innovative tool allows you to design smart, structured recipes that go beyond the capabilities of basic tools like spreadsheets. Foodzilla is not just a recipe tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to enhance and streamline every aspect of your recipe and meal planning process.

Experience the array of advanced functionalities designed to streamline your recipe management:

  • ‣ Instantly convert your recipes into PDF format with a single click
  • ‣ Effortlessly duplicate and modify recipes to suit individual client preferences, while keeping the original intact
  • ‣ Enjoy the convenience of auto-generated recipe images
  • ‣ Automatically calculate nutrition data for your recipes and ingredients
  • ‣ Dynamic, automatic calculation and updating of nutritional data as you adjust ingredient quantities
  • ‣ Explore and substitute from an extensive selection of over 2M+ food items in various databases
  • ‣ Seamlessly integrate your recipes into meal plans and templates with just a few clicks.
  • ‣ Benefit from secure online storage of your recipes on Foodzilla, backed up daily to ensure safety and eliminate concerns about disk space or data loss.
  • ‣ Enjoy unlimited storage space, offering a cost-effective alternative to external services like Dropbox.


Customizable Diet Labels and Cooking Guides

Make your recipes more user-friendly and engaging with Foodzilla by incorporating detailed cooking steps and practical tips. This feature not only makes it easier for clients to follow your recipes but also enriches their cooking experience.

Our platform offers the option to link to your recipe blog or website in the Recipe Author Details' field, enhancing the depth of your culinary guidance, although it's not mandatory for crafting a custom recipe.

Moreover, Foodzilla provides a wide range of health and diet labels to categorize your recipes accurately. If you have specific labeling needs, our platform also supports the addition of custom labels, allowing for complete customization and personalization of your recipe content.

Recipes Database

Dive into Foodzilla's extensive recipe database, featuring a vast selection of over 100,000 recipes complete with pre-calculated nutritional information. Our user-friendly search functionality allows you to effortlessly explore a wide range of recipes, cuisines, and nutritional profiles. Whether you're looking for gluten-free options, dairy-free delights, or meals ranging from 300-600 calories per serving, our database makes it simple.

To enhance your search experience, Foodzilla includes a variety of intuitive filters to quickly pinpoint the perfect recipe. Whether your focus is dietary needs like "Keto Friendly" and "Vegan," or specific health considerations, our filters make finding the right recipe a breeze. Our comprehensive list of filters, which we continuously expand, includes:

  • ‣ Nutritional content: Calories, Protein, Fats, Carbs, Sugar, Vitamins per serving
  • ‣ Preparation time in minutes
  • ‣ Meal type: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack
  • ‣ Diet labels: High Fiber, High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Sodium
  • ‣ Number of ingredients: up to 6-20 ingredients
  • ‣Ingredient exclusion: Easily omit specific ingredients, such as onions, from your recipe search.
  • ‣ Health & Allergy labels: Celery Free, Dairy Free, Eggs Free, Fish Free, FODMAP Free, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Sugar Conscious, Pork Free, Peanuts Free, Red Meat Free, Sesame Free, Paleo, Pescatarian, Tree Nuts Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello 👋, thank you for making it all the way here. Let's look at the most common questions that you're probably thinking of right now.

  • How Can I Share My Recipes with Clients?

    Our mobile app for clients makes it super easy to send your delicious recipes to your clients and keep them updated.

    Your recipes are only available to you and your clients. The mobile app is available on iPhone/iPad and Android and it is free to download.

  • Can I export recipes as a PDF?

    Yes, absolutely. Each recipe can be exported as a PDF file that you can download to your computer.

    Foodzilla also provides the ability to store the PDF on the cloud and create a shareable link that you can send to your clients.

  • Can I customise the recipe PDF?

    Yes, you can add your own branding to the recipe PDF as well as adjust the look and feel of the recipe. For example, you can show or hide nutrition information and adjust the printing quality.

  • Can I import recipes?

    Yes, you can import recipes using a CSV file. Foodzilla's recipe importer can handle hundreds of recipes at once. Once imported, they're stored on the cloud so you can access them easily from anywhere and start using them to create meal plans for your clients.

  • Can I add custom ingredients to recipes?

    Yes, you can freely enter your own ingredients and nutrition data for your custom recipes. This is useful if you already have recipes with nutrition information already calculated.

  • Is there a limit to how many recipes I can create with Foodzilla?

    No. All our paid plans come with unlimited number of recipe storage.

  • Do you support KiloJoules calculation or just calories?

    Yes, we support both KiloJoules and calories calculations.

  • Do you calculate the recipe nutrition per serving?

    Yes, we provide the option of calculating nutrition data per serving or for all servings.

  • Can I add my own labels and tags to recipes?

    Yes, you can add custom labels and tags to recipes. These tags are also searchable in the mobile app so your clients can find your recipes easily.

  • Do recipes have to have a photo?

    We provide the ability to upload a recipe photo but also give the option to generate a photo if none is available.

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