What Is A Recipe Builder?

A good recipe builder provides a way to select ingredients with nutrition calculated automatically for each ingredient along with the macro distribution per serving.

It should also allow for adding health labels, custom labels, custom foods and cooking directions. Our recipe builder makes creating recipes easy, efficient, and fun.

Recipe builder feature

Creating the perfect recipe for your clients is very important but also time-consuming. Using Foodzilla's recipe builder, not only you will save time, but also have more fun experimenting with different ingredient combinations.

Recipe Builder with Ingredients

With Foodzilla's recipe builder, you can either add your own custom foods/ingredients or use existing foods from our many food databases.

As you add ingredients, the nutrition information is automatically calculated. A 100g measurement is used initially but other measurements such as cups, tablespoon, teaspoon, pinch, and others are available too.

Add ingredients feature

Foodzilla integrates with popular food compositions databases from several countries such as New Zealand (FSANZ), Australia (FSANZ, NUTTAB), the United Kingdom (CoFID), and the United States (USDA). The nutrition information is provided by the Ministry of Health from each respective country. We also provide foods from popular wholefood suppliers. Finally, you can also create your own food database or import foods from a CSV file.

Professional Recipe Software

Using a professional recipe software like Foodzilla, lets you create smart recipes with structured data to enable complex actions not possible with other tools such as spreadsheets.

Here are some examples of the things you get when using a Professional Recipe Software like Foodzilla to manage your recipes:

  • ‣ Generate a PDF file out of your recipes in just one click
  • ‣ Duplicate recipes and easily change their content to match your client's needs without changing the original recipe
  • ‣ Auto-generate an image for your recipe
  • ‣ Automatically calculate nutrition data for your recipes and ingredients
  • ‣ Automatically updates nutrition data as ingredient quantity changes
  • ‣ Find alternative ingredients and access over 100,000 food items from many food databases
  • ‣ Use your recipes to create meal plans and meal plan templates in a few clicks
  • ‣ Safely store your recipes online with Foodzilla where your data is backed up daily and avoid worrying about disk space or faults
  • ‣ Foodzilla gives you unlimited storage, so you can save cost instead of using a service like Dropbox

Recipe Diet Labels

Adding cooking steps and tips when creating recipes make it easier for your clients to follow along.

Add cooking instructions and labels feature

If you would like to link to your recipes blog or a website, you can do so in the "Cooking steps website" field. This is an optional field and is not required to create a custom recipe.

You can also add health and diet labels from our existing selection of labels. Should you need to add your own custom labels, you can do so from the custom labels section.

Recipes Database

There are over 100,000 recipes to choose from with nutrition data already calculated. You can easily search our database for all kinds of recipes, cuisines and nutrition requirements. For example, you can easily find gluten-free and dairy-free recipes with 300-600 calories per serving.

Search recipes feature

We’ve also provided handy filters to quickly find what you’re looking for such as “Keto Friendly”, “FODMAP Free”, “Vegan” and more. Here’s the complete list of filters we have (and we’re constantly adding more!):

Recipes filters feature
  • ‣ Calories per serving
  • ‣ Protein per serving
  • ‣ Fats per serving
  • ‣ Carbs per serving
  • ‣ Sugar per serving
  • ‣ Preparation time in minutes
  • ‣ Meal type: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Teatime
  • ‣ Dish type: Soup, Salad, Desert
  • ‣ Diet labels: Balance, High Fiber, High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Sodium
  • ‣ Cuisine type: American, Australian, Chinese, Canadian, European, English, French, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, Malaysian, Mexican, Moroccan, Persian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish
  • ‣ Health labels: Celery Free, Dairy Free, DASH, Eggs Free, Fish Free, FODMAP Free, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Kidney Friendly, Kosher, Low Potassium, Lupine Free, Mustard Free, No Added Oil, No Sugar, No Soy, Sugar Conscious, Shellfish Free, Pork Free, Peanuts Free, Red Meat Free, Sesame Free, Paleo, Pescatarian, Tree Nuts Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free
Recipes filters feature

Share Recipes with the Clients Mobile App

Our mobile app for clients makes it super easy to send your delicious recipes to your clients and keep them updated.

Your recipes are only available to you and your clients. The mobile app is available on iPhone/iPad and Android and it is free to download.

Can I export recipes as a PDF?

Yes, absolutely. Each recipe can be exported as a PDF file that you can download to your computer.

Foodzilla also provides the ability to store the PDF on the cloud and create a shareable link that you can send to your clients.

Can I customise the recipe PDF?

Yes, you can add your own branding to the recipe PDF as well as adjust the look and feel of the recipe.

For example, you can show or hide nutrition information and adjust the printing quality.

Can I import recipes?

Yes, you can import recipes using a CSV file.

Foodzilla's recipe importer can handle hundreds of recipes at once. Once imported, they're stored on the cloud so you can access them easily from anywhere and start using them to create meal plans for your clients.

Can I add custom ingredients to recipes?

Yes, you can freely enter your own ingredients and nutrition data for your custom recipes.

This is useful if you already have recipes with nutrition information already calculated.

Is there a limit to how many recipes I can create with Foodzilla?

No. All our paid plans come with unlimited number of recipe storage.

Do you support KiloJoules calculation or just calories?

Yes, we support both KiloJoules and calories calculations.

Do you calculate the recipe nutrition per serving?

Yes, we provide the option of calculating nutrition data per serving or for all servings.

Can I add my own labels and tags to recipes?

Yes, you can add custom labels and tags to recipes. These tags are also searchable in the mobile app so your clients can find your recipes easily.

Do recipes have to have a photo?

We provide the ability to upload a recipe photo but also give the option to generate a photo if none is available.

Ready to level-up?

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