Nutrition Software Comparisons

How does Foodzilla compare to others? While we've done the market research and can list a feature-by-feature comparison, we can’t answer entirely without bias. Furthermore, features can be built with enough resources and time, but innovation and staying ahead of the curve is not easily copied.

We would rather spend our time innovating and supporting Foodzilla than copying our competitors. We focus on our own products and actively talk with our customers to solve their problems as we design our solutions and improve Foodzilla for everyone.

So instead of pointing out the flaws in other software products, we’d share some innovative features that you’ll only find in Foodzilla.

🎀 6 unique things you can only do with Foodzilla

There’s a lot of overlapping functionality between Foodzilla, and other nutrition products, but Foodzilla has plenty of unique and innovative features to keep you ahead of the curve.

🚀 Auto-Generate a Meal Plan in 5 Seconds

Yes, you read that right, in just 5 seconds you can auto-generate a meal plan with your clients nutrition requirements and diets/conditions.

generate meal plan based on nutrition

🦾 Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Foodzilla is the only nutrition software to offer artificial intelligence capabilities such as Ingredient Detection from Photos, Tracking Nutrition by Photos, and Recipe Image Generation from Text.

food ai preview

🎨 Branded App and Personalizations

Personalize every single feature in the mobile app for your clients and apply your own branding. You can turn features on and off for all clients or for a specific client. For example, you can turn off calories/nutrition info for clients suffering from an eating disorder.

customise the mobile app

🥘 Largest & Fastest Recipe Database

We offer the largest recipe database (over 2 million recipes) and the fastest search engine on the market. You can find recipes by nutrients, diets, cooking time, cuisine type, and environmental impact requirements in less than 2 seconds and find foods in less than 100 milliseconds.

recipe database and builder

⚡ Real-Time Nutrition & Meal Planning

Foodzilla uses a unique real-time architecture allowing you to see nutrition progress in real-time, live chat with clients, update meal plans and share with clients instantly, share recipes, personalise their experience, and more.

nutrition reports

🗓️ Flexible Meal Planning

Meal planning in Foodzilla is not fixed to one week or a fixed period. It is calendar-based so you're able to create flexible meal plans that change over time and can assign multiple meal plans to the same client.

meal planner interface

💸 Bonus: Scale at a Predictable Cost

Bring all your clients and grow your business without breaking the bank. Save hundreds of dollars today and thousands as you grow your business. The Foodzilla unlimited plan has a fixed cost and doesn't increase the more clients you bring.

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