Automated Meal Planning Software for Nutrition Professionals

Foodzilla gives you (the nutrition professional) the power of automation and big data, allowing you to free up time wasted on spreadsheets and browsing the internet for recipes. Here's a preview of the user interface with the options available:

meal planner

Foodzilla allows you to generate highly personalised meal plans that you can evaluate before publishing. Once completed, the meal plan is instantly available to your client via our mobile app (which you can customise to match your brand of course).

From over 100,000 internet recipes, our system does the heavy work of choosing dishes that meet your client's dietary needs, are simple to make, and easy to follow.

It simply takes a few seconds to identify what you're looking for, and you may review/edit the plan as needed. You may also substitute new recipes for old ones, or create a whole new meal plan. It only takes a few seconds!

Meal Plan Generator Based on Macros

You may not only design a meal plan based on nutritional needs and diets, but you can also specify the macros in grams per day or as a percentage. For example, you may easily discover dishes for a 2000 kcal per day macro split of 40/40/20.

Here are all the parameters you can use to create a highly-personalised meal plan.

  • ‣ Calories per day
  • ‣ Meals per day
  • ‣ Number of days for the meal plan
  • ‣ Total Protein per day (in grams)
  • ‣ Total Fat per day (in grams)
  • ‣ Total Carbs per day (in grams)
  • ‣ You can also specify macros in percentages instead of grams (e.g.: P30/F30/C40)
  • ‣ Select prep & cook time in minutes
  • ‣ Up to 3 Health labels at once
  • ‣ Foods to avoid such as onion or others

Sharing Meal Plans to Clients

It's incredibly simple to share your meal plans with your clients using Foodzilla. Your clients will receive a free mobile app that allows them to view and follow your meal plans. When you save the meal plan in Foodzilla, it will be sent to your client's mobile app automatically.

meal planner interface

You can also export the meal plan as a PDF for clients who don't want to use a mobile app, we've got you covered.

Meal plans also include automatically generated grocery lists with similar items categorised together.

How does the meal plan generator work?

Every recipe in our database comes with calories, nutrition information, cautions, and diet labels. Our software searches through all these recipes to find the ones that match your requirements.

In a matter of seconds, Foodzilla will generate a meal plan for your client or indicate if the requirements selected are invalid or not realistic.

Can I change the recipes in the generated plan?

Yes, absolutely. You can swap out the recipes our software found with your own recipes or other recipes from our database with a click of a button. It doesn't get easier than this!

Furthermore, you can also edit individual recipes in the meal plan to adapt them to your client if you need to. For example, reducing the salt amount from a specific recipe or swapping out an ingredient in a recipe for a healthier variant.

Can I view the nutrition plan per day or week?

Yes, you can see the total nutrition per day and per recipe. You can also view all the recipes in the plan for the whole calendar month.

Can I repeat the same recipe or a sequence of days?

Yes, you can repeat the same recipe over multiple days as well as repeat a sequence of days. For example, you can convert a weekly plan to a monthly plan by repeating the first week 3 times. You can also re-use recipes between meal plans and between days.

Can I add single food items to a meal plan?

Yes, you can add foods to a meal plan such as banana or apple or any other food and it will be categorised as a snack. The mobile app will automatically put recipes into their correct categories and display them for your clients so they can easily see what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for any day of the week.

🌱 How Automated Meal Planning Works

auto-generate meal plan

1. Auto-Generate a Plan

Import a meal plan from the template database or auto-generate a new plan based on the client's nutrition and diet needs. Foodzilla will automatically find recipes to match their needs in a matter of seconds.

You can also generate a meal plan based on the desired amount of macronutrients per day (either in grams or percentages) and choose a list of foods to avoid.

2. Review and Publish

Review the proposed meal plan, make edits as you see fit, and finally publish it to the client's mobile app. You can also export the meal plan as a PDF and send it to them as a web link.

Grocery lists are automatically generated and items are grouped into categories. Finally, the PDF and mobile app will have your brand name, logo and colors.

meal planner demo

Ready to level-up?

Create meal plans 10x faster, follow up with your clients through our mobile app, and never struggle with meal planning or recipe management again.