How Can Nutrition Software Help Clinics and Practices?

Nutrition practices can save time and money by using an online Nutrition Management software like Foodzilla to manage clients data, analyse nutrition, track client's progress, and share meal plans and recipes. Other clinics and practices can also benefit from using such software to provide nutrition care and advice to their patients.

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3 Reasons Why Clinics/Practices Need Nutrition Software

1. Creating recipes takes too much time

Creating personalized recipes is important but also time consuming. Practioners (such as dietitians, nutritionsits, doctors and others) can create recipes and share it with their team to save time.

Those recipes can be used to create personalized meal plans for your clients or used as part of a template that your fellow practioners can use.

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Meal plan templates let you create meal plans for a group of clients such as an "IBS Plan" which then can be customised to fit the individual's needs.

2. Keeping track of who's managing which client

Managing tens or hundreds of clients every month is challenging especially when some practioners take leave or unavailable to care for a client. That's why having a nutrition software make it easy for colleagues to take over and assign the client to themselves.

Team administrators can add/remove members, see all clients being actively managed in any given month, and manage their data effectively.

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3. Access trusted nutrition data easily

Accessing food composition data provided by the Health Ministory is not user friendly nor quick. Each food database is distributed differently and can't be searched easily.

With Foodzilla, you can easily search ingredients and foods in the food composition databases from NZ (The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited and the Ministry of Health (New Zealand)), AU (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand), and the UK (Public Health England).

You can also create your own food and ingredients for clients that have special food needs where the official food compoisition databases do not provide.

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