What Is Secure Messaging?

Foodzilla's Secure Messaging ensures private, encrypted communication with clients in real-time, supporting various message types – from text and emojis to images and documents. It eliminates the need for external messaging tools.

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— Te Huri A. (Nutrition Advisor - New Zealand)

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Secure Communication

Foodzilla's Secure Messaging is designed to prioritize privacy and security in the digital realm, especially crucial in nutrition and wellness communications. Our platform provides a safe, private channel for direct client communication without relying on external messaging tools. This feature ensures that all interactions remain confidential and safeguarded, upholding the highest standards of privacy in client communications.

Key Benefits

1. Privacy Guaranteed: With Foodzilla, there’s no need to share personal contact details like phone numbers or email addresses with clients unlike traditional messenger apps that can compromise privacy. Our Secure Messaging ensures your interactions stay within the platform, maintaining the privacy of your personal information.

2. End-to-End Encryption: We prioritize your data security by encrypting all messages, both during transit and when at rest, safeguarding sensitive client information from unauthorized access.

3. Privacy Guaranteed: Messages are encrypted, private and between you and your client. That’s it. No phone numbers, no emails, no prying eyes, and no nonsense.


Supported Message Types

Our system supports a variety of message types:

  • Text
  • Emojis
  • Files & Documents
  • Images
  • We are also expanding our capabilities to include Video messages to meet diverse communication preferences and further enrich the interaction experience.

    Efficient, Real-Time Communication

  • Instant Notifications: Clients receive immediate app notifications upon message delivery, enabling timely responses. You, as a nutrition professional, will also receive web push notifications for incoming messages if you’ve enabled this feature, ensuring prompt attention to client inquiries.
  • Message History: The complete message history is accessible, providing context for ongoing conversations.

    Simple Yet Effective Messaging System

    With Foodzilla, you avoid the hassles of external communication tools. Using our Secure Messaging, you can confidently communicate with your clients, knowing that their data and your conversations are securely handled. Foodzilla ensures that you can focus on what's important – guiding your clients towards better health – while we handle the security and privacy of your digital interactions.

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