Templates for Meal Planning

Foodzilla comes with evidence-based and popular templates for meal planning that you can use with your clients right-away. Recipes in these meal plan templates have been reviewed by a dietitian and satisfy the chosen diet requirements.

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The recipes are specifically chosen to be easy to cook and follow, satisfy the nutrition requirement for the chosen diet and also have appealing photos, so they are very presentable to your clients.

Each meal plan template also comes with notes on how to follow the plan and who the plan is most suitable for.

Furthermore, each template can be modified to fit your client's needs by removing, editing, or adding recipes and foods. This will save you hours of work per client and allows you to focus on delivering excellent care to them.

What Are Meal Plan Templates?

Foodzilla templates are reusable meal plans for a specific diet or for a group of clients (such as clients suffering from IBS, vegetarian diets and so on). They can be easily adapted to fit the client's needs when imported as a meal plan.

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Some of the templates for meal planning in our database include: DASH, Mediterranean, Low Sodium, Gout, Vegetarian, Vegan, Ketogenic, Carb Cycling, Pork-Free, Pescatarian, Paleo, No-Restrictions, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free and more. We are always looking into adding more dietitian-approved templates.

Dietitian Meal Plans

With Foodzilla, you can import dietitian-approved templates as meal plans for your clients. Recipes in these meal plans have been reviewed by a dietitian, so you can use them out of the box or modify them as you see fit.

Meal plans are not fixed to one week, in fact they can span many days, weeks, or months. They are associated with a calendar, so you can change the recipes between weeks and make the plan more exciting for your clients.

Furthermore, we also provide an automated way to create a meal plan based on nutrition and diet needs. Click here to learn more about our automated meal planning.

Meal Plan Template for Clients

Every template in our template database has been created and approved by a dietitian and is ready to be used with your clients.

Foodzilla templates are based on one week of eating and are created for specific diets or conditions. For example, Gluten-Free template will have gluten-free recipes and foods from Sunday to Monday with up to 6 meals per day.

However, once the template is imported as a meal plan, the recipes can be repeated over many days and adapted to your client's needs. For example, you can convert a 1-week plan into a monthly plan, choose to only have 4 meals per day, and update the serving amounts / ingredients to your client's preferences.

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Meal Plans are also available for your clients in the Foodzilla mobile app as well as PDFs that can be shared as web links or by email.

You can also add your own recipes or choose from our recipe database to fit the meal plan you're after. You have the flexibility to update the meal plan using our planner while saving time knowing a dietitian has already approved these templates.

Learn more about all the meal plan templates available on Foodzilla.

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