Templates for Meal Planning

Foodzilla provides dietitian-approved, ready-to-use meal planning templates that are simple, nutritious, and visually appealing. These customizable templates save you time and help you focus on delivering exceptional nutritional care.

It's critical to my business that i can easily produce nutrition plans and quickly Foodzilla delivers on that.

— Barry (Health & Wellness Coach -UK)

Meal Plan Template for Clients

At Foodzilla, we understand the diverse needs of your clients and the importance of efficiency in your workflow. Our meal plan templates offer more than just a solution — they’re a service enhancement tool designed to elevate your practice, ensuring your nutritional counseling stands out in its effectiveness and care.

Dietitian Meal Plans

Foodzilla delivers ready-to-use, scientifically backed meal planning templates, each rigorously reviewed by dietitians to meet specific dietary goals. These carefully curated templates are not only nutritionally comprehensive but also simple to prepare and visually appealing—perfect for client presentations. Our templates come with comprehensive guides and targeted recommendations, simplifying the selection of the right meal plan to your clients' unique needs.


Dynamic Customization

Crafted for adaptability and full customization, our templates serve as the foundation for bespoke meal planning. These templates simplify customizing detailed nutrition plans, allowing quick conversion from one-week outlines to month-long programs. Easily adjust meal numbers, recipes, and ingredients to cater to unique client preferences. This customization capability is a significant time-saver, streamlining your workflow without compromising on quality or personal touch.



Foodzilla's auto-generated meal plan templates enable quick, personalized nutrition planning for clients. Set client-specific dietary needs and preferences, and instantly create tailored plans that match individual needs. This innovative feature not only enhances the efficiency of meal plan creation but also ensures tailored client care. These adaptable and reusable templates enhance the efficacy of future meal planning, making meal planning seamless for nutrition professionals.


Diverse Dietary Options

Foodzilla’s meal plan templates are meticulously crafted and dietitian-approved, ensuring that you deliver the highest standard of nutritional guidance. From comprehensive diets such as DASH, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Vegan, to specific needs like IBS, Low Sodium, Gout, and Gluten-Free, our database is rich with options.


Effortless Distribution

Foodzilla takes client convenience and accessibility to the next level. Meal plans are not only available via the Foodzilla mobile app but can also be effortlessly shared as professional-grade PDFs. These can be distributed through web links or email, ensuring that your clients can access their meal plans wherever they are, however they prefer.


Continuous Expansion

We prioritize continuous improvement, regularly updating our database with new, dietitian-reviewed meal plans to meet the latest nutritional trends and research. This commitment ensures that you have access to up-to-date, credible resources that uphold the highest standards of nutritional care.


Unlock the Potential of Foodzilla Meal Plans

Embrace the power of customizability, efficiency, and professional excellence with Foodzilla. Our meal plan templates are a testament to our commitment to your success as a nutrition professional, providing you with the tools to enhance client satisfaction and streamline your services.

By using Foodzilla meal plan templates, you're not just getting a product, you're elevating your practice. Click here to discover how our automated meal planning can transform your service delivery.

📋 More About Our Templates

🍏 Meal Plan Templates

Templates make it easy to create meal plans for a group of clients. For example, you can create an IBS template that you can reuse with clients who suffer from IBS. Templates are flexible and are not fixed to one week. You can easily create a reuseable template for a month, 2 months, 10 weeks, or whatever period you like. Learn more about meal plan templates.

🧀 Auto-Generated Templates

Effortlessly auto-generate tailored meal plans for clients based on their nutrition goals, dietary preferences, and health needs. You can then re-use these templates to save even more time. Exclusively available on Foodzilla. Learn more about automated meal plan templates.

🌯 Evidence-Based Templates

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use meal plan templates like Carb-Cycling, Low-FODMAP, Keto, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and more. Import and employ them with your clients instantly. Each plan includes a description and academic research references. Learn more about evidence-based templates.

🍣 Meal Planning With Templates

Effortlessly generate meal plans by utilizing your past templates or our extensive template database, and customize them as necessary to cater to your clients' specific requirements. Learn more about meal planning with templates.

🍱 Automated Meal Plans

Auto-generate meal plans for your clients based on their calorie and micronutrient targets, meal frequency, duration, dietary restrictions, and specific nutrient emphasis. Save hours of work with Foodzilla's exclusive feature. Learn more about automated meal plans.

🥣 Convert Meal Plans To Templates

Once you've finalized meal planning for a specific client, you can easily save it as a template with just one click, streamlining future use for different clients and saving you valuable time.

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