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Food Databases and Recipes

Nutrition Database

Use food composition databases from United States (USDA), New Zealand (Food Composition Data), United Kingdom (CoFID), Australia (Food Standards / NUTTAB) and more coming soon. Learn more about nutrition data sources.

Recipe Database

Choose from over 100,000 recipes or create your own. Every recipe comes with full nutrition analysis and health labels already calculated. Learn more about our recipe database.

Recipe Filters

Easily filter recipes by calories, preparation time, meal type, cuisine type (Asian, Mexican, Indian), diet type (low-fat, high-protein, low-carb, no-sugar, vegan, etc.). Learn more about recipe filters.

Recipe Builder

Create your own recipes by using ingredients/foods from food databases with nutrition calculated automatically. You can also change measurements, serving sizes and add nutrition labels. Learn more about Foodzilla's recipe builder

Print Recipes

Print your recipes in PDF format with your own branding. Calories and author information can be hidden. Learn more printing meal plans and recipes

Custom Foods

Create your own food database for items specific to your clients such as supplements or new foods. Learn more about creating foods and searching ingredients.

Meal Planning

Flexible Meal Planner

Create personalised meal plans for your client by choosing recipes for each day in a period of time. Updates to meal plans appear instantly to your clients via the mobile app. Learn more about meal planning.

Meal Plan Templates

Templates make it easy to create meal plans for a group of clients. For example, you can create an IBS template that you can reuse with clients who suffer from IBS. Learn more about meal plan templates.

Grocery Lists

Grocery lists are generated automatically from your meal plans. Your clients can choose which dates and meals to generate a grocery list from and also set the serving amount. Learn more about grocery lists.

Plan Recurrence

With just one click, you can set the frequency of your plan over time. For example, you can create a monthly meal plan by just repeating one week of recipes.

Print Meal Plans

Create a PDF from your meal plans optimised for printing with your company's branding. Learn more printing meal plans

PDF Cloud-Storage

Store your meal plan PDFs on the cloud so you can share them easily via links with your clients. Learn more PDF cloud-storage

Client Management

Clients Mobile App

The Foodzilla mobile app lets your clients log meals by just taking pictures, access meal plans and grocery lists, sync exercises from fitness devices, and enables messaging so you can communicate safely without using personal numbers.

Secure Messaging

Message your clients (text, images, and links) safely without revealing your personal contact details. You'll get notified when they reply, and they'll be notified when you message them.

Learn more about live chat and notifications...

Log Meals for Clients

Log meals on behalf of your clients to keep track of their nutrition. You can log meals in the past, present and in the future. You can also log exercises on their behalf (soon).

Manage Goals

Set nutrition, exercise, water and weight goals for your clients which will reflect in their mobile app automatically. Learn more about setting nutrition goal

Nutrition Insights

Access detailed data about your clients nutrient and water intake, exercise, and eating habits with historical records and chart them over time. This gives you a powerful visualisation over their health and how to improve it. Learn more detailed insight reports

Food Diaries

Food diaries are automatically generated as your clients’ use our app. Seeing through pictures makes recognising eating patterns easy as. Every meal has detailed ingredients, nutrition data and can be edited. Learn more about food and exercise diaries.

Branding and Customisations

Branded App

Get your branded app today without breaking the bank. The app can be customized with your brand colors and logo, and you can even add links to your website, courses, and blog. Learn more about branding.

Self Service

Our platform allows you to update your designs online at any time without waiting for a design team to do so and the changes will be reflected to all your clients automatically.

Mobile App Customisations

Hide and show features in the mobile app per client or for all clients. For example, you can remove calorie and nutrition information for clients with eating disorders. Learn more about app customisations

App Integrations

Fitness Devices

Integrates with fitness devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and Polar. Automatically tracks exercises and calories burned. Learn more about integrations with other apps

Health Apps Sync

Syncs reading and writing to Apple Health and Google Fit (soon) for both meals and exercises. This means your users can also visualise their data in Apple Health (and on their watch) and in Google Fit (coming soon).

Cliniko Integration

For Cliniko customers, you are able to import your patients/clients from Cliniko into Foodzilla, along with their notes and upcoming appointments. Learn more about connecting Foodzilla with Cliniko.

Team Collaboration

Manage Staff Access

Manage your dietitians/nutritionists in private practice by creating a team account. As an admin, you can add/remove members and set their role. Learn more about managing staff.

Share Recipes and Templates

Save time by sharing recipes and templates between team members and encourage team collaboration. Learn more about sharing recipes and templates.

Re-assign Clients

When a team member goes on leave, you can re-assign their clients to another member to make sure they're still being taken care of and reply to clients' messages.

Security and Reliability

99.99% Uptime

We understand how important reliability is to your business. See our historic uptime performance and updates.

Data Privacy

Adhering to industry-standard best practices with regards to your privacy. Learn more about data privacy.

Data Encryption

Bank-level security protects all your data in transit and at rest. Learn more about the ways we protect your data.

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